Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hairy huntsman encounter

Today my spider encounter involved a hairy huntsman - I opened the car door, about to get in when I spotted the spider sitting at the bottom of the door (actually given its size it was pretty hard to miss). It gave me such a fright I almost fell backwards onto the car parked next to us in my hurry to get away! Mr CJ had to remove the spider before I would get near the car. Where are they coming from?

Today's run session - easy run plus 6 x downhill strides

Time / weather - 6.30am / overcast and 16*C
Distance - 8km plus downhill strides x 6
Time taken - 42.06min for the 8km (didn't time the strides)
Av pace - 5.15min/km
AHR - 151
Calories - 452

It was an early start today because I had other commitments later on. It was a good run and partway through the run I stopped at a reasonably long gentle grassy slope to do my downhill strides. The tricky bit was trying to avoid holes hidden in the grass. Also decided to say good morning to everyone I passed today and got a variety of reactions - from a good morning in return, to smiles, to 'hi's, to the let's avoid eye contact and pretend that no-one is talking to me.

Tomorrow - 28km run with the last 20min run at steady pace.


Lulu said...

LOl the spiders of Canberra are stalking you! Hope you don't encounter any tomorrow on your long run!

Susan said...

It was very cheery of you to wish everyone a good day - except the spider!

Cirque said...

CJ - did you do something really horrible to a spider in a past life?

RunDave said...

Run for your lives, spiders are taking over the world AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

TA and the Gnome said...

How about you catch the next one and barbeque it to eat? Call it revenge.