Thursday, February 16, 2006

The path of least resistance

Wednesday session - medium long run

Time / weather - 4.27pm / hot, sunny, no breeze, 31*c
Distance - 20km
Time taken - 1hr 49.48min
Av pace - 5.29min/km
AHR - 156; MHR - 171

It was hot - the heat reflected off the cycle path just added to the heat from the sun. I stopped in the shade at about the 5km mark to reassess the situation. I decided to keep going but to run it very easy and take a route that didn't include too many hills. I don't know how Queenslandites do it - I'm not a very good hot weather runner.

And despite my best efforts in running the path of least resistance I still managed to come across hills that I couldn't remember being there!

Post-run I was sooooo tired - I was in bed by 8.30am. Managed to watch The Biggest Loser and the new Jamie Oliver show.

Diet - still managing to avoid chocolate, lollies and other delicious-but-junk food but I seem to be always hungry. Yesterday at Belucci's I avoided ordering a coffee after my meal because they come with a plate of chocolate buttons, swirls and freckles and if they were sitting in front of me I wouldn't be able to resist them.

Looking back - Road to Ironman 2004
53 days to do

On this day:
Workout - Cycle/run - to Murrumbateman (inc 2 laps of Haydon Dve loop and 10km one way past bridge)
Time/weather - 5am / very muggy; threatened to rain during cycle; rained during run
Cycle distance - 136.8km; duration - 5hr 47.47min
Run duration - 2hour

I started earlier this morning to avoid running in the heat of the day. Traffic was quieter so it was a good time to start though it does mean getting up at 4am. Felt strong on the cycle. Rain was threatening by the time I finished the cycle though it was only spits'n'spots until about 80mins into the run when it became a steady drizzle. It was still very muggy but at least it wasn't the heat of the sun beating down. The run started slowly but improved.


Tesso said...

Wow CJ, running 20k in 31 degrees. That's tough! I don't know how you ACTers' do it :-)

For this Qld'er anyway I do all my training in the morning and so the temp is usually mid 20s at most, though it is a wee bit humid.

Man, that was some big day in training two years ago!!!

PS Of course you are a lovely bunch people in Canberra, it goes without saying ... that's why I didn't say it :-) I've just been sent there one too many times in winter!

CJ said...

That's ok Tesso - I would probbaly say the same thing if I only saw Canberra in Winter too! (in fact, I do!)

2P said...

I just love the description of a 20k run as "medium long" :-)

Yeah it was a bit warm in the ACT on Wednesday - good thing I got my "medium long" in on Tuesday ;-)

Great run CJ in trying conditions - well done!

KIT said...

20km in the heat... yuck!!! No wonder you were tired! That was a pretty good pace too. Good on you with the eating.... I am finding that some days I am always hungry! More carbs needed or some protien.

CJ said...

How about pizza? For lunch for the past 2 days I have had pizza. However it is restaurant-style pizza topped with lots of vegies - today's had cashews as well. Surely that can't be considered junk food?!

speedygeoff said...

The chocolate craving eventually goes away if you persist. In the meantime, best not to think about chocolate.. best not to think about chocolate.. best not to think about chocolate.. best not to think about chocolate..

Rae said...

That's so great that you have the Biggest Loser as well! I love that show. Have a great weekend!

plu said...

That is a huge session for the 2004 Im!