Saturday, February 11, 2006

Short and sweet

Today's session - short easy run inc 6 x strides

Time / weather - 9.10am / sunny, blue skies, 15*c
Distance - 5km
Time taken - 26.46min
Av pace - 5.20min/km
AHR - 142

After a lovely, much-needed sleep-in, I eventually got up and got ready for a short run - 5km. As I ran down past the local oval I remembered that I was also meant to include 6 x 100m strides, something I usually do after the run on the oval. Today, however, the oval was host to a juniors cricket match and spectating parents. Hmm, what to do. Easy, I'll just incorporate the strides during the run. So after a short warm up I would increase my pace for 100m then slow down before going through this process again 5 more times. Before I knew it the run was over and I was home looking forward to breakfast.

Looking back - On this day 2 years ago - CJ's Road to Ironman

I found my ironman training diary the other day and started reading through it. For one, I was amazed at the distances I was doing in training, and two, most of my sessions seemed to be prefaced by the words "I'm tired."

Anyway, here is what I did 2 years ago (pre-Garmin):

Saturday 7/2/04
57 days to go

Time / weather - 7am / clear, no wind
Workout - Long run at Stromlo (9min run/1min walk)
Duration - 2hr 46.51min
Distance - about 28km
Workout rating - L8 - L8.5

It was a good run today. I ran with Strewth and Margaret out at Stromlo - Roy was on his bike. We started from Roy's place in Macquarie and headed out to the toilet block at Stromlo (where the Jogalong used to be held) and back again. I went a slightly different route to Strewth and Margaret on the way back because I had to run a further 5km. There were no problems with the run - I ran at a consistent pace throughout. Roy had me running up a long hill near the end - this was unexpected!


Wobbly man said...

Nice one CJ. Those short sweet ones can be quite addictive can't they?

Cliff said...

When i focus on my cadecne (count them ), time goes by fast too.

RunDave said...

Well improvised CJ. I have tried adding intervals/sprints into my 10km run to work, but I find it a bit awkward with roads, traffic and carrying a backpack. The best I can seem to do is put in longer efforts or a tempo run.