Wednesday, March 01, 2006

*yawn* Early start *yawn* today

This morning's session - medium long run *yawn*
39 sleeps to go!!!!!

Time - 5.30am / 12-13*c, clear, cool
Distance - 16.5km
Time taken - 1hr 34.03min
Av pace - 5.41min/km
AHR - 137

Up at 4.30am this *yawn* morning so I could have something to eat *yawn* before heading out for a run at 5.30am.

Decided to take it easy on the *yawn* run this morning so wasn't concerned with pace or time *yawn*.

Good run - no problems. Looking forward to getting into bed tonight!

* 3 sleeps to go to a V.I.D!

Looking back - Road to IM 2004
39 days to go

Workout - Brick session - cycle/run (cycle on windtrainer)

Time - 7.30am / rain, 14*c
Windtrainer duration - 4hrs
Run duration - 2hrs

It was way too wet to be out cycling on the roads this morning so I sat on my windtrainer for 4 mind-numbingly boring hours! I broke the time down into 15min segments when I would have a drink and maybe something to eat. Otherwise I listened to the radio. Sweat was pouring off me - I was saturated. I even had to change my socks for the run.

The run wasn't too bad - I must have run it slower (based on previous runs), judging by where I stopped for my walk breaks.


2P said...

I much prefer sleep to food - only dairy farmers and garbage collectors should be up at 4:30am CJ.

Nice run ;-)

speedygeoff said...

That's a good idea - reminiscing about your youth. I can think of 45 good reasons for doing that.

KIT said...

ME TOO!!!! I was also up at 4:30am YUCK and ran 16.5kms. I am wearing my skins and dreaming of my doona! Gosh you almost had cold weather... very nice :-) Is that marathon type temps???

Ewen said...

Speedygeoff, are you talking about when she was youthfull and foolish and training for the ironman?

I think the 6ft track would be more your style CJ - it's only 45 kilometres.

strewth said...

And moi aussi!! There must have been a lot of alarms set for 4.30am today! My run was 18km! And a VID for a VIP and a change of age group in the making superstar! And Ewen's right - maybe next year the 6ft track would be an apt goal!

Wobbly man said...

Nobody told me about all the early mornings either! If they had before I started I doubt I would have started! I feel your need for sleep CJ!

Black Knight said...

16.5 km/5.41 pace at 04.30 a.m. is not that easy!

Hilda said...

137 average?? First time I see this numbers in your blog.

Yawn, I am going to bed earlier thanks to you!

Rae said...

That is very early for a run!! I think I'd end up sleep running!