Friday, March 24, 2006

No ifs or buts.....

This morning's session - easy run

Time/weather - 5.56am / 12*c
Distance - 8.3km
Time taken - 48.38min
Av pace - 5.50min/km
AHR - 158

Familiar scenario - up at 5am, make a coffee, grab the paper and head back to bed. The difference though is that at 5.45am I got dressed in my running gear (tights, arm warmers, running shirt, shoes, etc) and headed out the door; no excuses.

It was a slow run but as it was meant to be an easy run I didn't worry about my speed. However, looking at my average heart rate after the run it did seem to be a bit on the high side considering my slow pace. So I've decided to sleep in tomorrow morning and run in the afternoon.

Another thing - I have this constant craving for chocolate at the moment which I have so far managed to resist but for how long?!

(pm) 11km tempo run inc 2 x 10min tempo (3min RI)


Robert Song said...

I was watching the Games tonight and after Bromwyn Thompson won the Long Jump the commentators said she was in magnificent shape and had made many sacrifices and hadn't eaten chocolate in TEN YEARS.

For some reason immediately thought of you CJ.

D said...

Resist the urge CJ!!! :0

Susan said...

The only solution is to give in CJ - chocolate is good.

Black Knight said...

5.50/km at 05.00 a.m. is as fast as the light!

Wobbly man said...

Good for you for getting out there CJ. Just 15 more big sleeps!

2P said...

Hehe all that running you been doing CJ I can understand you have no butt - but how did you get rid of the ifs?

Good on you for getting out there CJ - 12 degrees - yuk!

Lulu said...

That sounds chilly. Only a few more days and you can have the biggest bar of chocolate around!

Sounds like it's getting a bit chilly down there. I'll have to pack my winter clothes for the weekend!

Ewen said...

Armwarmers! CJ, are you going soft or something?

Thinking about what Robert said, perhaps you could sacrifice chocolate for ten days?