Thursday, March 23, 2006

Kicking butt....mine

Today's session - Anaerobic session inc 4 x 4min efforts (2min RI)

Time / weather - 5.45pm / 22*c, windy, sunny
Distance - 12km
Time taken - 1hr 46sec
Av pace - 5.02min/km
AHR - 157; MHR - 177

5km warm up - av pace - 5.16min/km
4min efforts - av pace - 4.16/4.22/4.42/4.26
2.05km cool down - av pace - 5.06min/km

Same routine this morning - its starting to feel like Groundhog Day! Woke up at 5am, made a coffee, went back to bed, decided to miss yoga tonight and run instead, and then dozed off.

So this afternoon I decided to put some effort into the session so I didn't feel like a complete loser. Also I had been out for breakfast with friends and had pancakes, and then went out for lunch with friends and had Thai. I needed to run!

The first 5km felt surprisingly okay considering this is usually when I experience those 'ugh' kilometres until I warm up. Not today but I certainly didn't feel like I was running fast. When it came the 4min efforts I took off but ran the first 2 efforts in a controlled fashion. Not so with the 3rd 4min effort - I felt like I was all over the place and it showed in the split time - this one was slower at 4.42min/km. The final effort I again I made sure I ran solidly and I felt much more comfortable though did have to have a teensy walk break once I had finished that interval. The last couple of kms home I felt like I was really plodding so was surprised to see that my average was just over 5min/km.

So a pretty good workout. Must have been the thought of Lulu standing at the finish of the marathon with that block of Lindt chocolate and coffee that motivated me ;-)

For those who asked what a Magnum icecream was - its creamy vanilla icecream covered in smooth, rich, thick Belgian chocolate and its to die for. Mind you, at almost 300 calories I can really only justify one after a loooong run.

(am) Easy 8km run

Looking back - CJ's Long Long long Road to IM 2004
17 days to go
Week 2 of taper

Workout - Swim inc pyramids

Time - 7pm, Belconnen pool
Distance - 3.4km
Duration - 77min

I seemed to lose my balance a lot tonight and was buffeted around in the lane. I have problems swimming in the outside lanes of this pool for that reason. There were no other problems with the swim - the grumpy shoulder felt fine. I tried to swim the second 50m of each 100m set faster for the final 5 x 100m. I probably wasn't pulling through as much as I should've been.

I have been in contact with SW who did the IM for the last 2 years. We are having lunch next Monday so I can quiz her about the IM - looking forward to it.


strewth said...

Great session - your lack of motivation has obviously disappeared. Don't forget to make up that yoga session though. Enjoy that "easy" run tomorrow.

Tesso said...

How do you manage to sleep after coffee? If I have one at lunchtime I'm totally wired for the rest of the day!

Anyway CJ, I reckon you are doing the right thing and sleeping when you feel you need to. You've done all the hard yakka, why get up early and be tired the rest of the day when you can run in the arvo. Its taper time after all.

See you on the start line :-)

Wobbly man said...

You are sounding so strong for M day! Looking forward to catching up soon.

E-Speed said...

glad you had a good run. looking forward to your race report! I think it is usual to lose motivation during taper, everything feels so odd.

Run for Chocolate said...

Only 300 calories, that's not so bad. I wish they had those in the states.

iliketoast said...

strangely I feel like a magnum .... could be your fault

KIT said...

Great running CJ!!!
I think I am feeling edgy because I am getting excited more than anything! Still 2 weeks to go!

Ellie80 said...

mmm magnums. best invention since tim tams.

2P said...

Nice work CJ - good decision to run when you feel like and "NO"! It doesn't make you a lazy person, a loser or a bludger - should you require any evidence to convince yourself of that - I suggest you read back over your blog entries since Christmas!

Getting close now ;-)

A Girl Running said...

oh yum, I rarely indulge in a Magnum. The best thing about being back here is WA Pauls Icecream!

I love Busselton, a lot of my family still live there.

We are making the most of life here as there is a chance we will be transferred over your way next

Lulu said...

Don't worry; the chocolate will be there... cheering you on to a fine finish!

Jen_runs said...

Magnum's rock (though did you have to share the calorie count with the rest of us!) ;-)

Ewen said...

You can have a few teensy walk breaks during the marathon (at the drink stations).