Sunday, March 19, 2006

Last looooong run - hurray!

Ballons over Lake Burley Griffin

This morning's session - long run with last 6km at steady (4.44 - 4.52min/km) pace

Time / weather - 7.18am / 15*c to start; 19*c when finished, very still, overcast
Distance - 34km
Time taken - 2hr 56.04min
Av pace - 5.10min/km
AHR - 152

I felt really unmotivated to run long this morning and so it took me forever to get out the door. I was up at 5am to have toast, honey and banana but it was well and truly after 7am by the time I started running. There were lots of hot air balloons in the sky over the lake and Parliament House this morning - it looked really amazing seeing them all suspended in the sky....I took a photo with my phone so apologies for the quality. Ok, wasted enough time - time to run..slowly, slowly. Passed Strewth and the Hare plus some other guys running in the opposite direction all looking strong and fast. I plodded on.

Started counting down the kilometres and I hadn't even run 10km at this point. It was not looking good. However, I was starting to feel more comfortable. Passed Mr B and his female running companions plus dog running in the opposite direction. It was not long after this that I started feeling like I might just be able to run the 34km - I had also an Espresso GU at this point.

Stopped for a toilet/drinks/GU stop at the 21km mark - back at the ferry terminal where I had parked my car. Then it was off for the last 13km. My R glute was feeling quite sore but its something I can run through so I persevered - there were times when I felt really good and periods when I felt really tired. And this was before the last 6km when I had to pick up the pace.

Surprisingly I did manage to pick up the pace - god knows how. Again there were times when I felt great and was cruising along and other times when I just wanted to slow to a gentle jog.

Kilometre times for the last 6km:
1 - 4.43
2 - 4.46
3 - 4.41
4 - 4.45
5 - 4.39
6 - 4.46

Finally it was all over. That's my last 34km run - next week the long run is 26km.

After a shower and change of clothes it was off to lunch at Black Pepper with Strewth, Mr B, the Hare and N. Then later today I had a Magnum icecream - bliss! This is what marathon training is all about!

Rest Day - yay! I can sleep in!

Total kms for the week:

Looking back - CJ's looooong Road to IM
21 days to go
Week 1 of taper

Workout - half marathon

Time - 7.30am / no wind
Distance - 21.1km
Time taken - 1hr 45.41min

I didn't have a plan of how I was going to run the half - I thought I'd just wait and see. One thing I was definite about and that was as it was only 3 weeks to IM I was not going to be silly.

My legs, particularly my quads, felt quite stiff and unresponsive and it probably wasn't until the halfway mark before I felt like I was running ok.

I stopped at all the drink stations, except the last one, for water. I had GU at the halfway mark. I felt strong on the return trip - was passing runners all the way. I have run quicker in previous years but then I hadn't cycled 160km the day before either and I was still experiencing some residual tiredness. I won a barrel draw prize - a marathon entry which I gave to Ruth, and a $25 Runners Shop gift voucher.


Jen_runs said...

The ability to eat Magnam's guilt-free is, IMHO, the only reason why a perfectly sane person would run a marathon ;-)

Friar said...

Hope you're rewarded for your dedication to the training program.

We'll be cheering for you in the Marathon.

2P said...

I've chased those balloons around the lake too ;-)

CJ that is one sizzling run you are going to do sooooo well in a few weeks - congratulations on the completion of a fantastic build up.

Enjoy the taper and get your head right - this is getting exciting :-)

Tesso said...

That's a fantastic average pace there for your 34k CJ. How did you manage to bring it home so fast!!!

You're gonna have such a great run on April 9th. I can see a massive PB coming. What are your goals (if you wish to share)?

Run for Chocolate said...

Nice work on the long run, CJ! You are incredible! A tabletop pie is a small little pie you can get a gas station, they are full of sodium and contain like 25g of fat, they are sooooo bad for you!

Run for Chocolate said...

What is magnum ice cream?

Clairie said...

CJ well done on getting the long run out of the way.

LOL when I told hubby that was the last week would only be 25k. He rolled his eyes and said that would be a LOOONGG run to normal people.

What I am not looking forward to is running that distance fast.

Going through your training it looks like we are very similar in pace and training. Will be great to catch up with you at Canberra and compare notes afterwards. I think you will certainly be heading for a damn good run in 3 weeks!!!

E-Speed said...

Nice job on the long run. Way to tough it out!

Ellie80 said...

wow - that sounds like a pretty fast long run to me - hope you had a great sleep in this morning!!

KIT said...

What a great feeling!!!! I just kept thinking last night... wow that was the last one, I can not believe it!
Great running there CJ... great boost for the confidence. I have 23km as well next week... how good is that!!! The following sunday I have an hour easy... what will I do all day :-)

go girl said...

CJ! How do you do it every week? You seem to be getting faster and faster. I can't wait to see you guys all flying along in Canberra, it will be very inspirational for me to watch.

Hilda said...

Nice to see how even feeling not very motivated you accomplish the whole way to it!

Lulu said...

Let the fun begin now! Only 3 weeks to go.. can't wait to see you flying along!

Not a morsel of chocolate has passed my lips for three weeks now.. I think I've got passed the point when I'm craving it, but I'm looking forward to having some soon. Perhaps I'll have some with you in Canberra to celebrate your fantastic run.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Nice job, CJ! Enjoy your taper. Time to rest and build strength for the big day. Magnum icecream?

(I keep forgetting where you and couldn't figure out how people were commenting in the future.)

Ewen said...

I like phone photos - they have that box brownie look about them.

Johnny Dark said...

Tremendous last long run CJ.

Pretty sure we finished close together in Canberra last year, I reckon we might both just improve a bit this time 'round dont you. ;-)


Susan said...

That is an amazing half time. Great job CJ. Those ballons are too cool.

Robert Song said...

You certainly powered home on that run.

Lets hope we all avoid running into the wall or being rundown by the bear who jumps on your back.

And keep talking that temperature down.

R2B said...

All i can say is hope you have a fantastic run and you get the result you truly deserve!


iliketoast said...

Someone made a comment "What is magnum ice cream?" ...... where do you start with someone like that?

Rae said...

Congrats on the last long run!!! You're going to do so well in your marathon!!

Al Carter said...

I really need to get training seriously so that I can eat guilt-free icecream or whatever I want - my recent rest period was made less pleasurable by the need to watch the calorie intake on a sedentary lifestyle!
Sounds like a wonderful run though - lakes, balloons, friends, dogs...neato!