Sunday, March 05, 2006

Post-birthday long run

Thanks everyone for your birthday greetings - it was a great day! Now its back to business - I have a marathon to train for! (and I don't think I ran too badly for a 45 year old!)

Today's session - Long run (run in 2 parts), Lake Burley Griffin

Time / weather - 7am / 10*c when I started; 20*c when I finished; blue skies
1st run distance (solo) - 26.1km
Time taken - 2hr 13.11min
Av pace - 5.05min/km
AHR - 155

2nd run distance (with Strewth) - 8km
Time taken - 44.45min
Av pace - 5.35min/km
AHR - 155

I had organised yesterday with Strewth to meet up with her this morning for the last 13km of my long run - it ended up being the last 6km that we ran together. All I can say is thank goodness for mobile phones! Strewth was starting her run at 6.30am and I was starting at 7am and we planned to meet back at the Ferry terminal for the next 13km. It was a very cool start to the day and very pleasant for running. I did a figure of eight of the lake cyclepaths to get in my 21km. I passed by Yarralumla Bay where the long course triathlon was in progress. I also passed speedygeoff and then Strewth and Marco running in the opposite direction. I was running really well today and feeling very comfortable - I like to think it was all the chocolate I ate the day before!

Got my first phone call from Strewth just after I had run past Black Mountain peninsula - she was already at the Ferry terminal, I still had about 3km to go. So it was agreed that she would continue on to Molonglo Reach and I would catch up with her. I stopped to refill my drink bottles and have another Espresso GU at the Ferry terminal and then continued on - still no Strewth in sight. My pace had certainly picked up - where I was doing around 5 - 5.15min/km pace before, now I was running under 5min/km pace. But I felt so good! Probably not a good idea in retrospect as I have the Weston Creek half marathon next Sunday so may have run my race a week too early - oh well.

Next phone call from Strewth came as I was just heading past Duntroon - she was at Molonglo Reach at that point. Ok, so I wasn't too far behind her! Ran past the toilet block at Molonglo Reach and continued over the bridge and heading towards the wetlands - still no Strewth. My turn to ring! Apparently she wasn't too far ahead so I suggested that she turn and head back as I didn't want to go any further - I only had 34km to do whereas Strewth was planning on running 38km at least.

Finally we met up! We ran together for the last 6km - it was great to have company for a change. I was starting to feel a bit achey in the legs and glute but we were running at a very civilised pace now.

Then Garmin Girl beeped, signalling 34km - I could stop. Strewth continued on for another 4km while I walked back to the car, had a protein drink, and then headed over to the kiosk to buy a cold drink. Strewth had just arrived back and while she was standing in the water I bought 2 Pepsi max drinks, one for Strewth and one for me (not my preferred option but that's all they had) - it tasted so good!

This was followed by coffee at Black Pepper cafe in Belconnen - I collected Mr CJ on the way. This has to be the best part of a long run! It was so nice sitting outside enjoying the company, though it was getting a bit hot. Geoff came over to say hi and stayed to have a coffee as well - he's tapering for the Six Foot track. Then Mr B showed up, after officiating at the triathlon this morning.

Total kms for the week - 92.5km
Next Sunday, 12 March - Weston Creek Half Marathon

* One thing that is starting to bother me is that I haven't done a long run over 3hr yet. I have done 5 runs of 30km and over - the longest I've run is 34km (which I've done 3 times now). Should I do a run of more than 3hr before the marathon? Any advice welcome please! *

And good luck to Steve A, Geoff and Ewen for Six Foot next week - hope it all goes well! I'll be there next year!

Looking back - Road to IM 2004
35 days to go

Workout - Sri Chinmoy Long Course triathlon
Distance - 2.2km swim/80km cycle/21km run
Duration - 5hr 44.08min
Swim - 41.04min
Cycle - 3hr 10.09min (this includes both transitions)(av spd - 26.2kph)
Run - 1hr 52.55min

This was a training session so there was no taper before the event. My swim was fine though I couldn't see a thing on the way back to shore because the sun had risen and I was looking directly at it. My strategy was to follow other swimmers but it would seem we were all experiencing the same problem - we had swum off-course and had to be re-directed.

The bike leg was a shocker - my quads were burning and I had real doubts about getting up the Coppins Crossing hill, not just once but twice. My legs did not feel right until Adelaide Ave and everyone passed me on the bike. It was also probably about this stage that I was cursing my coach for talking me into doing this event without a taper. I felt physically tired. However, this was meant to be a training session and my focus for this event was maintaining a constant speed of 25kph on the bike, which I did; eating and drinking on the bike leg; and, in the run practising walking for a minute through drink stations and running between the drink stations.

The run leg was great - I really enjoyed it and I felt fine. I passed quite a few people and I felt really comfortable when I finished. Goal accomplished!

Next event will be the Ironman in April. Bring it on!


2P said...

That's an extremely good pace at any age CJ (sorry I missed you B'day - I was away)!

Oh and not a bad weekly total neever ;-)

strewth said...

It was a great morning - thanks for your company. Coffee tomorrow sounds good to me!

Ewen said...

I believe it's definitely worthwhile having some long-run sessions where you run for the time you intend to run for the marathon.

So, for a fast 45-year-old like yourself, perhaps that would mean running for 3 hours 30 minutes although it doesn't matter if you only cover 33-35km or whatever.

Tesso said...

I'm no expert though doing some slower long runs seems to work for me. This time I've paid a lot of attention to the McMillan system -

I figured for me it was worth a shot!

Cliff said...

happy Belated b-day.

Yes..the time ain't bad. If I had your pace and your HR (not sure your Max HR is), i would be quite happy b/c right now i am running same HR (this is zone 2 for me) but with a min slower pace.

Yup.there is a lot to improve...

Hilda said...

Looks like all your friends are sports-evolved, what a nice ambiance!

So you will do that six foot for the next year, wow you always have many races planned!!

Speedy runner!!

Lulu said...

Glad you had a good chocolate filled birthday!

Can't advise you on the marathon training I'm afraid but can consult on the post marathon feed if necessary :)

KIT said...

Hey CJ! Another great run under your belt! I can't really give you any advice. My program has had lots of 30kms (3hrs) and I have 2 x 3 1/2hr runs (35km). Sean says that any longer is too big of an injury risk for me... ?? We almost had the same weekly total :-)

Black Knight said...

Sorry for the delay in screaming: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!!!!!!
Another important workout in your bag....the enemies are trembling.

iliketoast said...

I guess I'm not the first to wish you a Happy Birthday ..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ..... Canberra Marathon is just around the corner and it seems to me you are ready to go.

Ellie80 said...

Hey happy birthday to you too!! I hope that you had a great day. And I have to say that I am exhausted after just reading that post!

Take care! E

miners said...

Hey - late birthday greetings CJ! Glad you had such a great day ... like 2P, things have been a little busy and chaotic up this way lately :)

Rae said...

Great run! It's always nice to have someone to look forward to running with at the end.

It really helped me mentally to have two long runs that were within a half hour of my estimated finish time. I don't know that it was necessary, but it was a nice mental reassurance.