Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Last night at yoga I managed to do a supported headstand - yay! This is a big thing because last year I couldn't do any sort of headstand without someone lifting my legs up to the wall. Last night it just came together so well. I was so impressed I did 2 headstands! Okay so its not the fully fledged unsupported headstand but I'm getting there. Gosh I feel good!

This morning's session - medium long run

Time / weather - 5am / 10*c, chilly and misty
Distance - 18.5km
Time taken - 1hr 47.22min
Av pace - 5.46min/km
AHR - 135; MHR - 154

I got up at the ridiculous time of 4am today so I could have some toast before my run - I must be absolutely stark raving mad. I wore a long sleeved running top for the first time today - it was very cool outside, and it seemed to get colder the longer I ran. I ran at a very pedestrian pace most of the time, mainly because it was dark and I was scared of tripping.

Once at work Bec and I made short work of a bag of Haigh's chocolate freckles that someone had brought back for us from Adelaide. Haigh's chocolate freckles are soooo good and its very hard to stop at one or two or three.....or a whole packet. They were gone before 10am!

Thanks for your comments on the long run - I am planning on running for around three and a half hours Sunday week. According to Macmillan I should run this somewhere between 5.18 and 5.55min/km.

am - 12km fartlek session
pm - yoga

Looking back - Road to IM 2004
32 days to go

Workout - Brick session - cycle/run

Time - 4.45am / it was cold to begin with but it warmed up to 26*c
Cycle distance - 158.4km
Cycle duration - 6hr 59min
Run duration - 2hr 20min

I found it really hard to sit on the bike for a long period today plus I was also experiencing backache. I was wearing the new Cannibal nicks that had bought at the triathlon expo on the weekend. I rode the entire length of Murrumbateman Rd - to Sutton Rd turnoff.

The run was in the middle of the day but it wasn't too bad unless I was in a sheltered position and got no breeze - then it was hot. The run was extended to Giralang before turning back. Another workout out of the way - IM is getting closer!


Jen_runs said...

4am. OMG, marathoners are mad!

BTW, I love Haighs chocolates - besides, after that long run you certainly earned it

Tesso said...

Haighs chocolate anything is great! Have you ever had a giant frog? They take days and days to eat.

Is it really getting cooler down there? With only a month or so to go until the big day I certainly hope so.

Well done on the headstands by the way :-)

speedygeoff said...

4am?????? soon you will be getting up before you go to bed!

No it is not getting cooler- the forecast is 32 tomorrow and continuing over 30 indefinitely.

Yes it is getting cooler, the mornings are ten degrees cooler than they have been.

Moral to the story - run the marathon under three hours. The fourth hour will be too hot.

iliketoast said...

There is something very "when Harry met Sally" about all this.

Black Knight said...

4 a.m....the last time I got up at that time I was in the Navy! BTW other 18.5 km in your bag. Good job.

Gronk said...

4.00am, headstands ? Yes you are losing it.

Lulu said...

Standing on your head is sending you mad.. getting up at 4am. I'm not surprised it was cold :)

Hilda said...

Your workouts for the IM were stronger than Miner's why?? you made that all together, wow!!
You are a rock!!

Those chocolates seem delicious, but they are not here... someway fortunately.
How come has the weather change so much, it was almost yesterday when you were saying it was so cold, lucky you now!!

allrounder said...

my housemates, jodie & suze, absolutely love Haigh's chocolates...suze's mum sends her some every now and then...

looks like your training is going well...

KIT said...

**Groan** And I was complaining about 4:30am :-)

Yum... those freckles sound good, but a giant choc frog sounds even better!!
10 degrees... Brrrr thats cold!

2P said...

Standing on your head you must have actually thought it was 8.00am......

Rae said...

Great job on the yoga!!

I guess it's starting to warm up here so it must be time for you guys to start cooling down! I am SO ready for spring!

Anonymous said...

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