Saturday, March 18, 2006

Short and sweet

..and no, I'm not talking about me! ;-)

This morning's session - steady run with 6 x strides

Time / weather - 7am / 11*c, chilly
Distance - 8km
Time taken - 37.54min
Av pace - 4.44min/km
AHR - 154; MHR - 175

Experiencing writer's block so this will be brief!

Kilometre rate:
1 - 5.11
2 - 5.03
3 - 4.59
4 - 4.36
5 - 4.35
6 - 4.18
7 - 4.33
8 - 4.34

Encouraging to see I have some speed back in these tired old legs!

(am) 34km run inc last 6km steady pace

Looking back - CJ's Never-Ending Road to IM
22 days to go
Week 1 of taper

Workout - Long cycle, via Nanima Rd and Murrumbateman Rd

Time - 4.30am; v cold to start with; little to no wind
Distance - 160km
Duration - 7hr 2.14min
Av spd - 22.7kph

I was uncomfortable on my bike right from the start today. I was also lacking a little in motivation so I broke my ride up into 'legs', such as each loop (I did Haydon Dve loop x 2 followed by the Coulter Dve loop x 1); then from home out to Barton Highway; etc. I mentally ticked off each leg as I completed them, along with a "yay!" and pumped my fist in the air - anyone following me would've thought I'd gone mad! Anyway it seemed to help. The weather was perfect with very little breeze - usually I'm battling a stiff headwind at some stage.

I was very tired this afternoon. When we were having a coffee at the Mall I could've so easily fallen asleep at the table. I had a 2hr 'nap' later today.


strewth said...

Wow CJ - I did the same session as you and it took me nearly 9 mins longer!! Obviously my very old legs are even more tired than yours - hope they can run 40km tomorrow! Tired legs don't seem to slow you down at all. See you for lunch tomorrow at BP - can't wait.

Hilda said...

Oh CJ you are not slow at all, tired, you say...
Great you find your sunnies, thanks now I know!

I keep wondering how your beggining times were, I hope once when you have time you write something about it, when was that, why... how.

At this moment I am doing all my runs easy, that's why I am enjoying so much.
Thanks for all your comments!!

Ewen said...

That's why I'll never do an IM - the nap requirement is too high. I couldn't imagine doing more/longer naps than I did for 6'.

Aki said...

How do you run like that, whoa!

KIT said...

Great pace there CJ!!! PLenty of speed I would guess :-)

Lucky about the sunnies :-)

3 weeks today... **grins**