Saturday, March 25, 2006

Tempo time

15 sleeps to go!

This afternoon's session - tempo run inc 2 x 10mins tempo (3min RI)

Time/weather - 4.57pm / 21*c, sunny, breezy
Distance - 11km
Time taken - 54.51min
Av pace - 4.59min/km
Av pace per km for tempo intervals: 4.24 / 4.21min
AHR - 156; MHR - 185

Slept in this morning and in the end it was only someone nagging in my ear (hmmm Mr CJ) about everything we were supposed to do today that finally got me out of bed. Spent the morning at tile shops looking at, pricing and selecting tiles for the bathroom and kitchen. Spent the afternoon trawling supermarkets and chocolate shops ogling, but not buying, chocolate (well, okay, maybe an exaggeration - not the entire afternoon!). Bought myself a skirt from Colorado to compensate! ;-) After reading comments to yesterday's entry I have decided on a personal challenge: from now to the marathon I will not eat any chocolate - it will taste that much better after the marathon!

But I digress...back to running. A good session this afternoon - 2 x 10min tempo intervals which were hard but also comfortable, if that makes any sense. Had downloaded some new music to run to:
Coming Undone - Korn
Spare Me The Details - The Offspring
Believe Me - Fort Minor
and some golden oldies:
Nutbush City Limits - Tina Turner
Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper

(am) 26km long run

Looking back - CJ's Road to IM 2004
15 days to go
Week 2 of taper

Workout - long cycle

Time - 4.40am, cold and foggy to start with but then clear skies and warm
Distance - 150km
Duration - 6hr 21.55min
Av spd - 23.6kph

It was very foggy out Gold Creek way to Nanima Rd but it cleared up after that. Uncomfortable on bike seat as usual so no changes there. Saw a few cyclists, mainly as they passed me - Sarah Fien was one of them. I didn't stop at the bus stop but kept on going. It was ideal weather for cycling as there was no wind. It would be great if Forster was like that.

Had coffee and fruit cake at H and Mr T's place in the afternoon.


strewth said...

Funny that you have chocolate cravings too - ok, if you can do it for 10 days so can I - we'll get through this together!! Amazing average pace today. Have a good run tomorrow and see you at lunch. Oh and I see you downloaded Nutbush!! Tee hee.

Tesso said...

Ah CJ, and I thought I was being good having had 3 CFDs (choc free days) this week. I must try harder!

Have you started to organise your Canberra music? Can't wait to hear what you plan to listen to.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Oooh, brave woman! No chocolate until after the marathon. Well, now you have two weeks to begin stockpiling and picking out the chocolate you will eat. That's what I'm doing. Its going to be gluttonous and grotesque but I will enjoy it. :)

edinburghrunner said...

hmmm, about time I downloaded some new tunes as well.

KIT said...

I know exactly what you mean!!! My runs have been like that... putting in a harder effort, going quicker, but feels easier! gotta love that!!!
I resisted peanut butter M&m's yesterday... "not until after the race" mmmm yum!

Friar said...









OOPs, I've eaten it all

Run down to the shops to get some more.

Ellie80 said...

no chocolate seems like cruel and unusual punishment - but i am starting to learn things about masochism from you running sorts :)

love your songs - i just bought the movie of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun to take me back to the 80's. i think it may be the best movie ever and was unjustly not nominated for an academy award...

2P said...

I'll take eating no chocolate over shopping for bathroom tiles anyday!

iliketoast said...

nice pace ...... i'm off to eat some chocolate

IHateToast said...

what is the point of feeling guilty about chocolate. it's a vegetable in my book. comes from a plant! makes it a vegetable to me. food should be enjoyed by all your senses. chocolate smells calming (chocolate and coffee smells make me close my eyes...), feels velvety on the tongue, looks rich, obviously tastes great (for me, the darker the better), and as for hearing... how about the sounds of unwrapping? the gentle tearing away of the paper around a bar of chocolate or the crinkly sound of pulling the paper cup away from a truffle? to deny yourself this is silly. really. why don't you just lay off stuff that's in the suckola category of food... spam. lamb and mint potato chips (what were they thinking?)
remember the wise words of ms lauper. girls just wanna have fun. the song "girls just want to deny themselves something pleasurable" didn't quite make it to the top 10 for a reason.
choc away, CJ!