Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tempo Tuesday

This morning's session - Tempo run inc 3 x 8min efforts (3min RI)

Time / weather - 6am / 8*c but it felt cooler
Distance - 13.8km
Time taken - 1hr 15.20min
Av pace - 5.26min/km
AHR - 141; MHR - 179

I did not want to get up this morning. It was a real struggle, mentally and physically, to get up and dressed for a tempo run. However, I remembered I had birthday cake and more chocolates awaiting me at work so that motivated me enough to get out the door!

Av pace for 8min efforts:
4.52; 4.38; 4.43min/km (not too bad for an early morning effort).

* Another question - I have decided I will do a long run of about 3hr 30min the week after next (I have a half marathon this coming Sunday). This means that the long run will be 3 weeks out from the marathon - is this too close to be doing a 3hr 30min long run? Would appreciate any comments.*

Tonight - yoga, thank goodness. I am very stiff in the back which is aggravating my R glute.

Yesterday's session - Easy run

Time / weather - 5pm / 30*c but there was a brisk breeze, it didn't feel as hot as I thought it would be
Distance - 12km
Time taken - 1hr 5.37min
Av pace - 5.28min
AHR - 145; MHR - 165

I had the day off so there was no need to get up early and run, so I didn't! However I had a physio appointment at 9.30am so it still required an earlyish start. But it was worth it - I am soooo stiff and my glute is sooooo sore so I really appreciated the 'elbow in the glute' treatment.

Met Strewth for lunch at Bayswiss, did a little shopping, watched my coffee DVD and finally decided that I could no longer put off my run, so got changed and headed out the door. I was running this at an easy pace so apart from ensuring I didn't run slower than 6min kilometres I didn't really focus on my time. It was a very pleasant run given the temperature - it was actually 30*c but didn't feel that hot.

Looking back - Road to IM 2004
33 days to go

Workout - long swim

Time - 6.45pm / Belconnen pool
Distance - 4.5km
Duration - 1hr 45min

I thought I'd be really tired after doing the long course triathlon on Sunday but actually I didn't feel too bad. My swim was okay though my left shoulder was a little troublesome near the end of the session. Very happy with swim.


RunDave said...

I think I saw that coffee show on SBS a couple of years ago if it is the same one. In between his travels to find the perfect coffee, didn't he make the most amazing espresso based 'drinks'. I read some rather disheartening news about coffee yesterday in New Scientists feature article about agricultural water use. Coffee was the worst offender taking 20,000 litres to make a kilo of coffee! In comparison, it took 11,000 litres of water to make a Quarter-pounder and 5000 to make 1kg of cheese and 2000 to make a litre of milk. In a world where water is becoming scarcer, it makes me think about how much of it I drink and also reminds me to appreciate it a lot more.

speedygeoff said...

I would be pleased to answer any of your marathon questions you ask me...

Tesso said...

Good question about that long run Saturday week. I'm planning on something very similar as we have a half marathon on Sunday up here.

Hope some expert opinions come flooding in!

Jen_runs said...

Sorry, I have no opinion about running. However I think yoga is a fabulous idea; in fact, it's about time I returned to it. My back is getting really tight too - long hours at my desk aren't helping....

strewth said...

Hey, our program says to do a long run that weekend - I'm planning on 40km (or 4 hours) so it better be ok!! It's our last chance. After that we're tapering - yay!

Ewen said...

Looks like Geoff is keeping his secrets to himself ;-)

I think three weeks out for a last long run is fine - especially as you'll be running easily and not at your usual fast pace.

Also, you won't be running over huge mountains on rough trails so not much muscle trauma happening.

E-Speed said...

i usually only do a 2 week taper for my marathons so you should be fine going long!

iliketoast said...

I'll be doing a 35K in 2 weeks, so if it is wrong, we will all be wrong together. 3 weeks seems t work for a taper.

2P said...

Hey CJ - as long as you don't try to set any PB's and run a genuine LSD pace I don't think it would do any harm ;-)

KIT said...

Hey CJ I am doing 3hrs 30 this sunday and next... then TAPER WOO HOO! So I hope this is all right!

speedygeoff said...

no secret ewen - just too much comment for a comment.
your answer is fine except what if cj is running the half marathon hard as well?

Rae said...

I think quite a few people do their longest run three weeks out. I don't think I would do it any closer in.

Have a great weekend! I can't believe your M is getting so close!