Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Desperately searching for the 'on' switch

Marathon training update - week 16 of 18 (getting closer!)
Taper Period
Focus - race preparation
Week 1 of taper - approx 75% of biggest week

Today's session - medium long run

Time / weather - 5pm / 21*c, overcast, bit of a breeze
Distance - 16km
Time taken - 1hr 25.46min
Av pace - 5.22min/km
AHR - 148; MHR - 172

I have to confess that my motivation levels are pretty much rock bottom at the moment so thank goodness for tapers! I haven't run since Sunday. Every morning this week I have got up at 5am, made a coffee, gone back to bed and convinced myself that I can run later that day (which never eventuated yesterday) or later in the week (was supposed to have my other rest day on Friday however I ended up having rest days Monday and Tuesday). Is this a good thing 3 weeks out from the marathon? I don't know, but I am desperately looking for that elusive 'on' switch, that little spark that will fire me up once again.

I did run this afternoon - I ran out of excuses (no pun intended!). After the first few 'ugh' kilometres I managed to cruise along. There were lots of people out running and it got me wondering how many of them may be training for the marathon, like moi. Close to home and I could see a dog sprinting towards me at warp speed - what to do as he certainly didn't look like he was going to slow down. I stopped and braced myself for the impact but somehow he managed to pull up right in front of me and then started jumping up, tail wagging. This was one seriously happy dog! The owner came jogging over feeling very embarrassed and managed to restrain his dog, apologising profusely, concerned that this may have affected my time!

Tomorrow (sometime):
12km anaerobic threshold run inc 4 x 4mins (2min RI)

Looking back - CJ's Road to IM 2004
18 days to go
Week 2 of taper

Workout 1 - Swim session, non-stop distance
Time - 10am, Belconnen pool
Distance - 3km
Duration - 1hr 5mins

A good swim - felt comfortable. No problems with grumpy shoulder. I really noticed the difference in speed if I concentrated on my pull stroke.

Workout 2 - Medium run to Lake Ginninderra and return
Time - 5pm, about 25*c, breezy, warm
Duration - 1hr
Distance - approx 10km

Slow run - legs still tight from half marathon.

Workout 1 - Cycle - fartlek inc 8 x 60sec efforts
Time - 5am, 12*c, no wind
Distance - 34km
Duration - 1hr 23.34min
Av spd - 24.5kph

Did the 60sec efforts today as I was riding by myself. These were hard work especially as my legs are still a little stiff and tired post-half marathon on Sunday. However I rode this circuit quicker than last week - by 6mins.

Workout 2 - Swim session inc pyramids and variable pace
Time - 7pm, Belconnen pool
Distance - 3.4km
Duration - 74min

A good swim - felt fresh. I got through the session with no problems. I'm happy with my stroke and I didn't feel tired at the end. I quite like tapering!

Workout - Brick session - long cycle/run
Time - 4.30am, Overcast, no wind while in town but the wind had picked up at Murrumbateman
Cycle distance - 128.4km
Cycle duration - 5hr 26.11min
Av spd - 23.6kph
Run duration - 1hr 41.47min

Not cold this morning but it seemed to be dark for a lot longer. I did the Haydon Dve loop x 2 and the Coulter Dve loop before leaving town. I rode to the bus sop at Murrumbateman Rd but I didn't stop this time. Suffered discomfort on the seat as per usual. I ate 1 jam sandwich, 2 fruit sticks and a handful of raisins. Drank 1 bottle of sports drink and 1 bottle of water.

The start of the run felt awful - my whole body ached and I had some pain underneath the toes on my left foot - this did improve. I had 1 GU sachet before the run and 1 hour into the run. Also had 1 bottle of sports drink and half a bottle of water.


strewth said...

Phew - I prefer the marathon taper to the IM taper!!

strewth said...

Forgot to add - well done on your run tonight - you got our there and did it in spite of feeling unmotivated - hang in there. We have less than 3 more weeks of this!

Ewen said...

You have a couple of weeks to find it. Try where you found your sunnies!

Lulu said...

Just think in a couple of weeks you can have a rest. You've done all the hard work so all you need to do now is cruise on the down hill to the start line!

Don't forget I'll be there at the end of the race with a large bar of specially imported Lindt choc and a lovely coffee for you.

Of course you can only have the chocolate if you do your taper like a good girl ;)

Robert Song said...

Finding the off switch.
Isn't that what the taper is? Not much can be lost or gained from here on in, no matter what you do.

You'll be raring to go race day.

Susan said...

Just reading your blog makes me tired . . .I think taking days off was good for you. Taper is soon - enjoy!

Ellie80 said...

Well I am getting excited for you anyway! Not long to go now! Good luck!

Clairie said...

Hi CJ,

Yeah I feel like crap too!

Can't believe you got out there for a 16km run yesterday!! Here I was doing 12km and thinking I was doing well.

Do you have more longish mid-week runs next week or is that the last of them?

I have never done a marathon so have received lots of advice and tips from everyone, most of them say the next 10 days you will feel like crap. Then the last 7 before the race you will be jumping out of your skin and wanting to get ou there. Not to mention we get to eat lots of yummy food every couple of hours!!!

Hang in there. I'd dearly love for us to be both celebrating a damn fine run in Canberra in 16 sleeps time :)

KIT said...

In typical stalking fashion I am having a blah day too! I have been feeling so good the past few weeks I was waiting for a icky day... it will pass and we will be on fire in time for the big day :-)

2P said...

Pretty standard to feel crappy at this stage CJ - take the "less is best" approach and chill out a bit, don't fight it - you've done the hard work ;-)

Rae said...

I can't believe the M is so close! I remember when it was just week 1 of 18! Enjoy the taper, that always helps me get my motivation back!