Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Internal shenanigans

I feel like crap; shite; blech; blah. My digestive system has gone into riot mode and my head is alternating between sledgehammers and feeling full of fairy floss. C'mon guys - I have a marathon in 12 sleeps time, don't pull the pin on me now.

No running today - maybe tomorrow. :-(

Looking back - CJ's Road to IM 2004
12 days to go
Week 3 of taper


Workout - Long swim

Time - 6am, Civic pool
Distance - 2km
Duration - 41min

It was very busy in the pool this morning and it felt like I was in a boxing match - very physical. However, I kept thinking this would be a very good experience for Forster so persevered. Besides I knew I only had 2km to swim so wasn't going to be in the pool for too long (compared to other weeks).

Had lunch with SW today - it was an eyeopener, particularly when it came to training distances/times. The longest she probably rode in training was 150km and her longest brick session was a total of about 5 hours (compared to my 200km and 9hr 20min respectively). Anyway I learnt a lot but also realised that I've been on the right track with food during training.


Workout 1 - Fartlek cycle inc 4 x 60sec efforts

Time - 5.45am, about 6*c, cold, clear, no wind
Distance - 18.7km
Duration - 48.59min
Av spd - 22.8kph

Wore leggings, vest and arm warmers in addition to my normal cycling gear. Average speed a little slow - it felt faster. No problems other than usual problems with bike seat. Got Mr CJ to change it in the afternoon to a narrower seat. Will see how that goes tomorrow. It was great not having to start at 5am!

Workout 2 - Swim session

Time - 7.20pm, Belconnen pool
Distance - 2.2km
Duration - about 45min

Session included:
500m wu
5 x 100m
3 x 200m variable pace
10 x 50m
100m cd

Feel like I'm getting a cold so took it fairly easy tonight. Had a massage this afternoon.


Lulu said...

It must be chocolate withdrawal.. hope you feel better soon.

2P said...

Good thing to get it out of the way now - better than in say 10 sleeps time.

You'll be right CJ you're made of the right stuff to knock this on the head in time and put in a blinder ;-)

Positive vibes packaged and headed your way :-)

Ellie80 said...

yep many healthy positive fast-running vibes coming from here too!

edinburghrunner said...

Oh dear, hopefully just a short-term bug!

go girl said...

Yucky.. I hope they decide to join the party soon.

Looking forward to seeing you run CJ.

Robert Song said...

While your cold turkey on chocolate is admirable, it may not be the best time to do right now. I wouldn't be changing any of my eating routines at this stage.

KIT said...

Get it out of your system now and then all will be right!! Hope you feel better soon!

Tesso said...

Like others my first thought was chocoate withdrawals.

If I could host those 'internal shenanigans' for you I would. I'm sidelined anyway so send them to me!

Jen_runs said...

Hope you feel better very soon. See what happens when you give up chocolate? I'd better go and have some now to much sure I don't sure the same fate !


Ewen said...

Fairy floss could be good for carbo loading.

iliketoast said...

There is only a little way left, hang in there.

Hilda said...

I hope this ends soon, any disease is worst when you are a runner waiting for a marathon, so don't stress.

After overcoming so much you will make it, certainly you will!!

Gronk said...

Fingers and toes crossed for you CJ !

D said...

Maybe a day or two of rest will help CJ. Sending good thoughts your way.

Susan said...

Hope you feel better soon - see giving up chocolate is never a good idea! Sending healing vibes your way.

E-Speed said...

I always feel bad during taper! You will recover! You are going to do great at the marathon!

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IHateToast said...

you know... i have looked on the net, read all the books and mags, and i must say, i can't find anywhere that suggests free porn will help you out.

however... during my many travels and stays in germany and austria, i was given bitter dark chocolate for tummy upsets. dark has no milk. it wasn't the ultra bitter, but semi. i think it was semi. anyway, one square would do the trick. another thing i learned there was that J├Ągermeister was not a party drink. it was called a Magenschnapps. tummy schnapps. one doesn't drink it to get drunk, it's to calm the tum.
i'd not advise trying new things to help the tum this close to the thonomar, but i was hoping you'd like the chocolate idea for the future and enjoy a little booze trivia.
now go out there and get rid of that "green apple quick step!"

Friar said...

Come on CJ.

After all those weeks sticking to the training program, have another look at what the program says for the last two weeks, and then DO IT.

BuckeyeRunner said...

Feel better! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!
And great swims, by the way!

Run for Chocolate said...

Feel better soon, CJ. It is good to rest, your body will be stronger for it.

Black Knight said...

Sending italian spring sun to defeat the cold!

Friar said...

Hoping all is on track for the run on Sunday.

Best wishes for a great run.

Hilda said...

Wish everything is fine with you, missing your post!

Susan said...

I hope you are doing ok CJ - haven't heard from you in a while!