Sunday, March 26, 2006

Chasing kangaroos; seeing zebras a result of going cold turkey on chocolate?!

This morning's session - long run
14 days to go!

Time/weather - 7.12am / 11*c, clear skies, beautiful morning for running
Distance - 26km
Time taken - 2hr 17.19min
Av pace - 5.16min/km

Decided to run out at Stromlo this morning as I hadn't done this for a couple of weeks and I felt the urge to do an off-road run. Mind you, partway through the run I wondered how I could've forgotten about all those hills.

It was a perfect morning for running - not too warm and no wind. I ran from Cotter Road to the cork plantation and then back along the river to the zoo and finished with part of the old Jogalong course. Along the way I came across a couple of kangaroos sitting in the middle of the road. When they saw that I wasn't stopping they bounded off down the road with me in hot pursuit - okay a slight exaggeration - with me plodding on waaaaaay behind them! Then when passing the zoo I spotted a zebra watching me with great interest - particularly as I passed him twice. Also passed a small running group labouring up a very steep nasty little hill as I was running down it - mind you, I had run up it about 10mins earlier.

Even though it was shorter by 8km compared to last week's run I was still glad to finish - this course is a lot tougher than running around Lake Burley Griffin.

Mr CJ and I met up with Strewth, Mr B, The Hare and N, and JS for lunch then we went home and I had a much-needed nana nap!

No chocolate today but came across some delicious chocolate recipes which I have put away for 'after the marathon'! These Donna Hay recipes include Orange and Chocolate Pillows (dark chocolate and ricotta cheese in gow gee wrappers and oven-baked), Grilled Chocolate Sandwiches, and Chocolate Fudge Biscuits.

Total kms for the week - 73km

Looking back - CJ's Road to IM 2004
14 days to go
Week 2 of taper

Workout - Long run

Time - 3.45pm, overcast, breezy, about 21*c
Duration - 2hr 20.35min
Distance - about 24km

I decided to have a sleep-in today so I didn't run until later in the afternoon. I felt a little stiff in the legs about an hour into the run - it can't be the cycle yesterday, surely, as it was only 150km[!]. Otherwise, no problems. Had GU at the 1hour and 2 hour marks. I realised that in 2 weeks time that I would actually be running at that time of the day so I visualised running strongly on the day.

I am having lunch with SW tomorrow - so looking forward to it.


strewth said...

Looks like you were training for the IM at about the same pace as today. That watermelon is gynormous and yummy too!!

2P said...

Nice last long run CJ now time to wrap yourself in cotton wool and for goodness sake eat some chocolate - those hallucinations sound scarey :-)

Susan said...

Great job CJ - I'm interested to hear how those chocolate sandwhiches taste.

Lulu said...

Those chocolate recipes sound interesting.. not sure they'd be on my diet though.

Some interesting company you had this morning; takes your mind off the hills maybe?

iliketoast said...

2 weeks to go!!!!!!! Are you excited too? I think it is finishing all these long runs that is exciting and looking forward to chocolate.

Ellie80 said...

chocolate sandwiches?!?!?! wow! please post photos after the marathon! i wish i had zebras round my way :)

KIT said...

We did a shorter run but hillier... so still felt tough! Last long one..yipee! Bubble wrap time.

Tesso said...

Chocolate sandwiches ... sounds similar to what did Elvis in :-)

Rae said...

Great run!! At least you chased the 'roos versus the other way around!

Chocolate sandwiches sound so interesting!!

Black Knight said...

Another perfect long run. 2 weeks to go and you are in perfect shape. I cannot wait for knowing the end of the story.