Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Plodding along

Marathon training update - Week 15 of 18 (yep, its that close!)

Today's session - easy run

Time / weather - 5.50pm / 21*c, overcast, breezy
Distance - a loooong 12km
Time taken - a slooooow 1hr 7.10min
Av pace - 5.36min/km
AHR - 139; MHR - 150

It was a wise decision not to run the Cross Country 5km event this afternoon but do a gentle 12km recovery run because I couldn't have run any faster if I tried. In fact, when I started running it was so embarrassingly slow and close to 6min/kms! Everything ached though mind you I had had a massage earlier today - bliss!

It was about the 5km mark that I felt that I was running comfortably and didn't have the constant nagging little voice in my head encouraging me to stop, give up and go home. But gosh, I was tempted!

Q and A's
robert asked whether the discrepancy in distance was due to an inaccurate course or the Garmin. I have to admit its the latter as the half marathon course is a certified accurate course. I'm also hoping the weather will be cooler for the marathon - and it most likely will be given its still another 3 and a bit weeks away. Fingers crossed!

A few of you asked whether I got any bling for winning my age group - I received a medal featuring a redback spider(!) - the race is organised by the Weston Creek redbacks athletics club. I also received a voucher from the Runners Shop so will be indulging in some retail therapy very shortly - probably another pair of Asics GT shoes.

Hows my recovery? Well, I'm feeling tired and my legs are a little stiff, mainly in the quads and I have some tender spots in my calves but on the whole I feel pretty good. But the mere thought of getting out of bed before the sun rises to go running just does not appeal to me at the moment so it will be afternoon running this week!

And finally, thanks for the lovely comments :-)

(pm) 20km medium long run

Looking back - Road to IM 2004
26 days to go

Week 1 of taper

Workout 1 - Long swim
Time - 6am, Civic pool
Distance - 3.2km
Duration - 1hr 10min

Good swim - felt strong. No problems.

Workout 2 - Medium run, Nth Lyneham
Time - 6pm, 29*c
Distance - about 17km
Duration - 1hr 53.23min

I was tired to start with and the hill was hard. However, I gradually improved and the hill didn't seem so bad from the 3rd lap on. On the 4th lap I was able to get into a steady rhythm and felt good.

Workout 1 - Fartlek cycle
Time - 5am, no wind; H joined me
Distance - 33.3km
Duration - 1hr 29min
Av spd - 22.4kph

My legs felt heavy from running the previous evening. I felt as though I worked harder having H there but my average speed doesn't show that. Cycling is just hard work and I don't seem to improve.

Workout 2 - Swim session
Time - 6.53pm; Belconnen pool
Distance - 3.6km
Duration - 1hr 22min

I seemed to be swimming all over the lane tonight - my balance wasn't crash hot.


Run for Chocolate said...

Take your time to let your body recover from that kick-ass performance! You deserve it!

Black Knight said...

A recovery run and a little of tiredness are normal after a half marathon in 1.38. Take your time...

2P said...

Gee CJ - I see through your cunning plan... you are just practicing slower pacing for the '07 Six Foot - cunning indeed ;-)

Hilda said...

It is still the recovery from the half that has you without energy.

Hope is already back for tomorrow's 20km.

Have a nice run!

Rae said...

Wow! Your M is getting close! You'll feel so much better as you taper!