Friday, March 17, 2006

Found - 1 pair of sunnies!

Yep - it seems that apparently they were still on my head when I got home but when I pulled the soggy cap off my head the sunnies went flying into the garden! Doh!!!

As I'm sitting here typing there are men making one helluva racket up on our roof - they are doing the roof structure on the extension (....when I started this entry before work this morning. However it is now evening and I'm having all sorts of problems trying to publish the damn thing). We will be moving out in a fortnight's time to a place in Turner where we'll live for the next 3-4 months while the renovations happen, so its busy, busy, busy here at the moment.

This morning's session - tempo run

Time/weather - 6am / about 7*c (a bit chilly)
Distance - 14km
Time taken - 1hr 16.10min
Av pace - 5.26min
AHR - 146

Tempo session inc 5 x 4min efforts (2min RI):
Av km rate - 4.58 / 4.50 / 4.58 / 4.46 / 4.35min

Good run - it was chilly and I wore a short sleeved running top and a long sleeved one as well. Must look at the tempo program on the Garmin though - I think its set at too fast a pace for the warm up and cool down sections of the run. I cannot go from bed to 5min/km just like that - it took me at least 5km to get going this morning.

Other than the slow start it was a good run with no major problems - yay!

8km steady run with 6 x strides
34km run with last 6km run at steady (ie 5min/km) pace

Looking back - CJ's Long and Tortuous Road to IM 2004
23 days to go
Week 1 of taper

Wednesday's workout - Brick session: long cycle/run

Time - 4.30am / no wind, it started to clear but then clouded over again
Cycle distance - 150.4km
Cycle duration - 6hr 26.15min
Av spd - 23.3kph
Run duration - 1 hr 42.40min

It was a good session. It was perfect cycling conditions today - very little wind, which made for a pleasant ride. No problems. Even the seat pain didn't seem as bad today!

My run was interrupted by calls to my mobile to and from Forster (site of IM) re accommodation. Because I was out running and decisions had to be made immediately and not wait until I got back to the house, I wrote contact numbers in the sand with a stick! Anyone going past must've wondered what on earth I was doing! However, I now have accommodation - a 2 bedroom unit right in the town, which is great. The run was comfortable - there was a slight breeze blowing so it wasn't too hot - about 22*c.

"I have accommodation - hallelujah!!!!"

Thursday workout - Swim session - pyramids

Time - 7pm, Belconnen pool
Distance - 3.6km
Duration - 1hr 23mins

Another comfortable session tonight - no problems with my grumpy shoulder. I thought I would be tired but it didn't affect my swimming.

Yay - I have accommodation (believe me, this has been quite a saga and I was getting a bit worried that I would be camping in a tent!)


iliketoast said...

I've been following your posts and started to get excited about the Canberra marathon. Good for you on keeping strong and putting in all those great sessions. I know some are a little slower but hey .... you get that at this stage.

Lulu said...

I can't believe the amount of training you were doing going into the IM, it's mad!

It takes me ages to warm up too.. at least 20 mins this morning and my whole run was only 25.

2P said...

LOL that is priceless CJ - but I ma glad you got them back.

ANother nice run under your no doubt ever diminishing belt ;-)

speedygeoff said...

Tch, tch, just another sign of age CJ, "losing" things which are right under (or over) your nose.

Tesso said...

That's gonna be a hard one to live down CJ :-)

edinburghrunner said...

Hola - found your blog at last. I could never reach it via your profile!

Cliff said...

Saw what u did last year...150 km...6 hrs...hmm fun fun fun I can't wait until summer is here..

Wobbly man said...

Nice Tempo session CJ! A change is as good as a holiday isn't it? Now, seing as your place is vacant and all, how about all us CR's come over for a post marathon bash! Just kidding!