Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wind, rain, sleet, snow

Woke several times during the night to hear rain. One part of me hoped that it would still be like that at 5.30am because if it was, I wasn't getting out of bed. However, it wasn't to be so I was up and dressed in multiple layers and out the door after a coffee. It was drizzling but now I was up I would put up with it. It was also quite windy.

Ran one of my usual routes with the Garmin. It would be interesting to actually see whether I had over-calculated the distance in the past. No problems with hip flexors other than feeling a bit tight, but no niggles. Had been to yoga the night before and had discovered how stiff and tense I was.

Garmin Girl stats:
Distance - 8.13km (this was about what I had calculated in the past - pre Garmin!)
Time - 49min
Pace - 6.02 min/km
AHR - 150

The weather deteriorated over the day and there was sleet, as well as snow later in the day. Hopefuly tomorrow night won't be as cold - have a run session at the AIS track.

Work is so hectic at the moment so I haven't had a chance to update my blog regularly or get to read others. I'm not getting my daily fix! Hopefully the situation will improve next week. Really looking forward to the weekend in Sydney and playing spot the CR on Sunday!!!

Have also received my marathon number (#978), timing chip and other bits'n'pieces for Sydney marathon.

Note to self - do my stretches! :)


Carolyne said...

I'm suffering from blog withdrawal as well!
My Marathon number arrived (#460), and will enjoy the weekend in Sydney also. Will you have your mobile (aka the sexy 5140) at the finish?

Glad to hear that the stiffness is subsiding. Not too many fantales now!

Jen_runs said...

Welcome back CJ ! I'm glad to hear that you don't have any major problems. See you on Sunday. J

PS Stretch girl !

Hannah said...

Good luck on sunday! I'll be thinking of all you CRs and wishing I was there!

go girl said...

CJ- I love those little maps! Nice run, hope to see you Sunday and good luck.

allrounder said...

good to hear you are out & about...

should be good fun this weekend...

Lulu said...

Yes, you've got to love the maps.. Glad to hear it's nothing serious but you do sound a tad on the tight side there CJ... I promise I'll stretch if you do!