Saturday, August 20, 2005

Second run for the day

***Total kms run this week (14/8 - 20/8): 85.78km***

Plan - 10km run
Time - 56.20min
Pace - 5.37min/km
Cals - 577
AHR - 153 (at the halfway mark of 5km - HR: 138)

This was an experiment as I'd never run twice in the one day and definitely never after a long run. My first run for the day began at 7am. This run began at 3.55pm. Between the two runs I made sure I ate well, drank lots of water and even had a little lie down after lunch. Also, fortunately, the rain had stopped when I set out for the 10km run.

I was actually quite surprised how well I was running. I expected to feel stiff and achey and tired but was feeling none of these during the run. I made sure I ran on a fairly flattish course with only a few undulations. Experienced no problems and still feeling fine, 4 1/2 hours later. This also means that I now have 48 hours in which to recover before the Monday evening session at Parliament House.

Have had one Tim Tam today but another one is looking really tempting right about now! :)


Ewen said...

Two runs in one day! Only crazy people would do that. It was much nicer in the afternoon though.

Those Himalayan Cedars are a beautiful tree. I used to love running though that area of Stromlo. I'm glad some of them were spared in the fires of 2003.

Friar said...

Hope you had dry shoes (a change of shoes) for the second run.

When out at the Cotter run, after wading through nearly knee deep water at Vanity's, it doesn't take long for the shoes to shed most of the water.

Cirque said...

Well done on the second run.

I think you've deserved that Tim Tam!

miners said...

Great to hear the 2-run day worked so well for you CJ! Must be something to work permanently into the training schedule!

strewth said...

Hope you had that 2nd tim tam - you certainly deserved it!! And the coffee at Tilleys today was pretty damn good!

allrounder said...

OMG, 2 runs in one day??

i hope you are feeling good today...

Jen_runs said...

I think with all those calories that you burned off yesterday you deserved the second tim tim!! You must try the Tim Tam ice cream; absolutely delish!


CJ said...

I did have the second Tim Tam, and then on Sunday (rest day) indulged in a caramel/chocolate layered cheesecake!!! :)

A Girl Running said...

what a great week of mileage. You certainly earnt that second tim tam and more!