Friday, August 12, 2005

Easy run followed by more root canal treatment

Plan - to do an easy run of about 40min
Actual time - 41.48min
Distance - 6.91km
Pace - 6.03min/km
AHR - 140; MHR - 163
Calories - 406

Rugged up and set off for an easy run at 6am. Felt a little sluggish, maybe from the track session the night before. Uneventful run other than nearly tripping over twice - somehow managed to regain my balance both times. Felt a little tight in the L hip flexor.

Back to the dentist for stage 2 of root canal treatment - wasn't too bad apart from having to keep my mouth open wide for 45mins - ouch! Now that the anaesthetic has worn off, its a bit achey and sore but according to the dentist, that's to be expected today.

We'll be leaving for Sydney sometime after lunch tomorrow - can't wait. I hope its a lot warmer there! Must remember the phone charger, Garmin charger, ipod charger and to charge the camera batteries before we leave! :)


allrounder said...


looks like sunday is going to be a great day!

speedygeoff said...

Sydney is always warm and sunny for the C2S! Go Team H/Team Moore!

miners said...

Looks like the preparation turned out to be OK CJ. Have a great race - look forward to meeting you

Friar said...

Have a good run, and enjoy the report from "Garmin Girl"

Carolyne said...

Sorry to have missed you at the track again!

Have a great run, and don't forget the chargersssssss.

(5140 snap.)

Cirque said...

Ouch - thoughts are with you for the dentistry and everything else. Good luck on Sunday!

Fat Chicken said...

Even the ITB rollers prob better than root canal treatment! I'm picking up one tomorrow (ITB roller gadget),,,,can't wait.

A Girl Running said...

Have a fantastic race - can't wait to read about it