Saturday, August 20, 2005

The long plod to Deeks Drive

Training program - long run of 2hr 40min
Actual time - 2hr 40.29min
Distance - 27.6km
Pace - 5.48min/km
Cals - 1,521
AHR - 154 (at the halfway mark of 13.8km - HR: 160bpm; 5.31min/km)

Woke this morning to rain - for a nanosecond thought about wussing out but then thought how changing my run to another time would upset my weekend, so reluctantly got up. Wore fluoro yellow spray jacket so I would be seen for miles today! Decided to leave ipod at home because of the steady rain. Not too many people out running, cycling or walking their dogs this morning. It was very grey, very wet with a chilly wind. Ran down the cycle path between Cook and Aranda and the turned off to run past the cork plantation and the stand of Himalayan Cedars, that were planted in 1928. It has been a few weeks since doing an off-road run. Passed several groups of kangaroos who would pause to look at me as I ran past. Felt really sluggish and tired - probably something to do with doing a gym session yesterday - ambitiously increased weights on most exercises. Note to self - avoid doing weights session the day before a long run. Had also forgotten how undulating this particular route is.

Initially I was going to do a 3 hour run today. However, at the 70min point I decided to run for 2hr 40min in the morning, and then back up in the afternoon for a 10km run. The rain was falling steadily and getting heavier - my shoes were starting to feel very soggy. The return trip home felt really slow and heavy going so was surprised to look at the data later to find that I hadn't slowed a great deal and was actually running better than I felt. Once I got home I stretched, had a protein banana smoothie and a much anticipated warm shower before heading out for some shopping and to try Sfoglia Cafe in Dickson that reportedly has very good coffee. Note to Flash Duck and Strewth - the coffee wasn't bad!

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