Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Back to Canberra; back to work; back to training!

Plan - was tossing up between an interval session or an easy run - the easy run won out!
Distance - 7.8km
Time - 47.56min
Av Pace - 6.09min/km
AHR - 141 (think there was something wrong with HRM to start with - my MHR was supposed to be 224!)
Calories - 463

Up at 5am this morning for coffee and then an easy run. Was hoping to do about 50min. After a couple of days of warm weather it was back to the layers and gloves and out into the frost again. Some tightness in my L hip/glute but otherwise everything was fine. Was feeling quite hungry near the end of the run - was looking forward to breakfast. Must check my training program tonight to see what I should actually be doing!

Plan - the gym at long last - I've been putting it off..again so time to bite the bullet and make an appearance.
It was great to get outdoors and walk to the gym - its a lovely sunny day. Once at the gym I got stuck into the weights and even increased the amount I was lifting in many cases - except for the dumbbell flyes. Also used the glute machine recommended by Phil the physio. Tomorrow I may be regretting this!

Tonight is yoga - looking forward to stretching, twisting, and finally relaxing!

Have eaten far too many Fantales today - feel very blah now! >:(


allrounder said...

i did an interval session today but i left it until lunchtime...

those fantales sound good!

Luckylegs said...

Fantales? Haven't heard of them in a long while! Up at 5:30? CJ, how do you do it? Well, I suppose I could once upon a time! Glorious day here also...must make the most of it & get out again tomorrow.

A Girl Running said...

Wow you run that long on just coffee. Anything over 5km requires morning fuel for me.

Oh yummy - fantales...havn't had them for years