Thursday, August 18, 2005

Long intervals

Training Program - to do 3 x 3km (1.30min RI); efforts to be at 10km pace
Distance - 12.2km
Time - 62.24min
Cals - 705
AHR - 156; MHR - 174

Woke up feeling like absolute crap this morning - prickly throat, headache, and incredibly tired (actually felt like this the night before). Decided that I would skip the track session tonight and if I felt better later in the day would do my own session, based on the training program I am following, very loosely, for the marathon. Have been taking cold/flu capsules today and throat lozenges - I don't have time to be sick.

This afternoon I set up the prescribed interval session on the Garmin then set out on my run not long after arriving home from work. It began with a 10min warm up run which was fine. Then the 3 x 3km at 10km pace - sounded easy when reading the training program. Hmmm, a little different in practice, and it didn't help when Garmin Girl kept chirping at me to 'speed up' - not very polite or supportive, I thought!

* 1st 3km - 4.45min/km - 'slow'down'; 'speed up'; Garmin girl wasn't quite sure what she wanted - it was starting to feel like a fartlek session. However, I did settle into a pace but it was the longest 3km I've ever done and I didn't relish the thought of repeating this another 2 times.

* 2nd 3km - 4.40min/km - thankfully I recovered sufficiently during the 1.30min RI, to run the next 3km. This one felt a lot better - I was able to get into a steady pace fairly quickly and tried to maintain my form when I started feeling tired.

* 3rd 3km - 4.43min/km - started slowly and felt like my legs were all over the place. Garmin Girl was chirping at me to 'speed up' - some support would have been appreciated at this point! However, I did respond and managed to maintain some form and then I began to feel a lot better. I finished this interval feeling a lot stronger than when I started.

Then it was a slow 9min jog home. This session will either make or break me - I'll either come down with something or I will get over whatever it is that is lurking - hopefully its the latter! And you know what - I think I'll have a Tim Tam tonight. I think I've earned it! :)


Jen_runs said...

I am a firm believer in the remedial nature of Tim Tams! Have you tried the Tim Tam ice cream ?? Yum-o. J

Al Carter said...

I am maybe 7 years behind you in sloughing off my couch potato

My efforts are probably laughable but your progress is interesting and I'll link to your blog from mine.

Carolyne said...

This is not spam!
Take care CJ (or should that be take two Tim Tams and call me in the morning?), I'm concerned about your comment that '(you) don't have time to be sick'.
Slavishly following a program and training through even a minor cold can be counterproductive. You've done the work, staying healthy over the next three weeks is paramount.
Just follow my (Tim Tam) prescription!

Lulu said...

Take care of yourself CJ.. Tim Tam treatment sounds like a great idea especially when accompanied by a good strong cup of your favourite beverage!

These Garmin's are certainly hard task masters aren't they.. anyone would have thought they were a machine;)

miners said...

Hope you're not waking up feeling like crap tomorrow CJ. Thanks for your lovely comments despite your own feeling of unwell. Get better for Blackmores!!

Ingrid said...

Thanks for your advice on the ITB CJ, I know, I can't believe sometimes I thought, I don't have time to stretch, I have to have a shower etc... Never again though!!!
Well done on your 1km times, you kept up a great pace despite feeling sick!!

Luckylegs said...

I don't know about Tim Tam ice-cream, CJ! I think you'd be wise to take it easy until you're feeling "uncrappy"! Blackmore's is too close to mess up now.

Ewen said...

Garmin Girl sounds like a tougher coach than Geoff! Make her run slower so she's always saying 'slow down' - that would be encouraging. 3x3km is a huge session... Wombat (thinking it would break him) thinks it might make you.