Wednesday, August 10, 2005

And the diagnosis is...........

Tight hip flexors - very, very tight hip flexors, and calves, and glutes, and..... So much for being trim, taut and terrific - obviously you can be too taut! I went to the physio Monday afternooon feeling fairly confident that there wasn't too much seriously wrong because I had pulled up ok after the long run on Sunday. After much poking and prodding (and pain from me) it was agreed that it was only very tight muscles and a few muscular imbalances that a lot of stretching and certain strengthening exercises should help with. The fact that I couldn't drop my heel when standing on a step had him shaking his head in disbelief - there was absolutely no give in my calf muscles (I had to keep reminding him that I had run 32km the day before so there was bound to be some tightness). And the good news - I could continue running.

Monday evening - Team Moore session at Parliament House
Plan - after a warm up, to run intervals following the round around the building - 2 laps x fast, slow, fast, slow intervals. Then while others were running up and down the hill a few of us ran some more surges for another lap around. Finally a warm down (you guessed it, another lap around!), chatting to Wombat.

Garmin Girl stats:
Distance - approx 9.4km
AHR - 148
MHR - 175

Suffered badly with heartburn once I got home - could the fact that I consumed quite a few Fantales just before the run session have anything to do with it!? Hmmmm...

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