Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Three weeks to go!

Gulp!! Now the worries set in - did I do enough distance; what about faster runs; will I cope with the hills; what if its hot; what if it rains; what if......?

Monday morning - Civic Pool

Finally made it back to swimming after two weeks out of the pool. Decided to do 5 x 200m freestyle - total time was 21.35min.
1st 200m - 4.24min
2nd 200m - 4.22min
3rd 200m - 4.16min
4th 200m - 4.13min
5th 200m - 4.18min

Felt tired and heavy which may be me still recovering from the 2 runs on Saturday or the huuuuuge slice of cheesecake I had the day before!!! Anyway plodded up and down the lane and felt so much better when I finished.

Monday 5.30pm - Run session at Parliament House

Total distance - 9.71km
Total time - 53.46min

Strewth showed up for her first session post overseas holiday - so good to have her there again! Geoff was having the day off to celebrate his 35th wedding anniversary so Colin took the session. We ran 2 laps around the House as warm-up then ran fast/slow intervals around the House, a total of 12 faster efforts, and 12 slower ones. This was followed by another cool down lap.
A good session to blow out the cobwebs and thankfully there was no tightness or tiredness from the weekend's runs.

Plan for Tuesday:
Gym at lunchtime (maybe lower body/abs workout)
Yoga after work :)


Carolyne said...

I was going to trump you on the 'what if' stakes, but then realised that you HAVE done the work, the distance, the speed. All that is left now is to remain healthy and injury free!

go girl said...

Ditto what Flashduck said....What if you go out there and just have fun regardless? Ok....Thanks CJ, I want to go swimming now!

Jen_runs said...

Flash is right - you HAVE done the hard work, the distance and the speed. It is all going to come together next month and you are going to have a sensational run. I look forward to watching it !! J

strewth said...

How exciting that you can track those distances on Garmin Girl - she's so clever! Very exciting to see we actually ran 9.71km on Monday night - I found it sooooo tough after such a long break but great to be back. You look so trim, taut and terrific - such an inspiration!

Al Carter said...

What's in 3 weeks?
Well done on getting back swimming and serious kudos on two runs in one day.

R2B said...

Hey CJ good work and keep training