Sunday, August 07, 2005

Fingers crossed.........

I'm baaaack! Well, fingers crossed I am. Reading my last blog entry I could see I was definitely having a dummy spit! And, thank you everyone for your lovely comments - it certainly helped a lot. On reflection I think the niggle was a reality check because I have been lazy with stretching and doing my specific ITB exercises. Yoga once a week just doesn't cut it when I'm training for a marathon. You would think that after not being able to run for 8 months last year and then having ITB surgery I would learn but oh no, obviously I still get complacent.

Friday 5 August
I decided to do a very short run on Friday morning just to see what would happen. It was sooo cold, must've been about minus 4*C. It got to the stage that I thought if I moved a facial muscle my whole face would crack it was that frozen. The bird bath out the front was a mini ice skating rink.

Garmin Girl stats:
4.97km (I said it was going to be short)
31.53min (and slow)
6.24min pace (hmmm)

Then, I went swimming! I did an allrounder swim session of 10 x 100m, average time per 100m was about 2.05min (15sec rest interval). The time went quickly so will try that session again soon. Then was a guy who was swimming in my lane before I got in and continued the entire time I was there. Anyway when I finished my swim, we were both doing some stretches and so made idle chitchat. Then he said enjoy the rest of your swim! Guess he must've thought I'd just done my warm up. However, I admitted that I had finished too but also added that I had been for a run prior to this (he didn't need to know the details!).

Sunday 7 August
Aim - to do a long run, but time/distance would depend on my hip.

I spent Saturday evening stretching, rolling ITB over a pipe (oh boy that hurts), rubbing voltaren gel on the affected area, consuming nurofen tablets and then finishing with an epson salts bath (had heard that was good for injuries - I was willing to try anything within reason!).
Woke up Sunday feeling okay - no sore spots or stiffness. Wore flash new LineBreak tights and about 4 layers on top plus gloves, headband and cap and mini ipod, drink belt, gels, sportsdrink, mobile, and Garmin (Mr CJ was worried I might get mugged given all the gear I was carrying!). The plan was to run for 60min toward Lake Burley Griffin, return the same way, and then continue to Lake Ginninderra where I would meet up with friends - all going well.
And the good news? I think the stats speak for themselves *Help - have to find out how to get the profile up here - having problems*.

Garmin Girl stats:
Distance - 32km
Time - 3hr 01.56min
Pace - 5.39 min/km
AHR - 145

And how do I feel? Other than a little stiff and tired, so far so good, so fingers crossed! Seeing the physio tomorrow afternoon to find out what exactly the problem is.

And after the run I had the banana pancakes with caramel sauce and a cappuccino! After all, that run was worth 1,826cals! Great run, good food and great friends - Ruth, Dave, Helen, Steve, Geoff and Nerida, and not forgetting Mr CJ.


Carolyne said...

Great news.

Don't overdo it now in your enthusiasm!

Cirque said...

Glad to hear you're feling better CJ. I hope your hip is back to normal. Have a great week!

allrounder said...

i like that swimming description: "an allrounder session"!...good to see you're back out and about...

nice run yesterday - 32k! i'm still trying to get my head around the fact that i'm planning to be running 21.1k in just under 5 week!!

NottsLad said...

Wow, with all those gadgets... must be like putting slicks on a mountainbike when you can leave them all behind!
And a real test of the Garmin - not least the battery capacity!
Regarding posting profiles from the Garmin: I view the graph in Training Centre, expanding that window to the maximum (slide the calendar out of the way as well as the totals / map screen, then take a screen shot (Alt-PrintScreen). Paste that to the windows Paint application, select the specific area that contains the graph - omitting title bars etc. Then copy and paste that to a new bmp file which you save and then Post!
Wow, that is long winded. I wonder if anyone has an easier way...

A Girl Running said...

what a great happy return. You sound so much better.

Friar said...

The weight of all the extra Gadgets, carried by "Go Go Gadget Girl" might make you a stronger runner.


Gronk said...

Good to see that its all ok. Take it easy !

Jen_runs said...

Where are you CJ ?? Hope everything is ok. J

Friar said...

"Garmin Girl"

Now that's a good name for your new running friend.