Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Change of plans

Plan - was to run for 80mins before work but slept in. Therefore new plan was to run the 6km BBQ Stakes at lunchtime.
Time - 29.15min
Place - about 48th (?)
Group - 13.30 (arrived late and missed my group - 12min!)

(It is 10.10pm and I have just finished my work - at home - so now have time, finally, to update my training blog and have a quick look at others - I am blog-deprived!)

Busy, busy, busy! That just about sums up work at the moment so I was running late for the lunchtime run. My start group for this run is 12min but they were calling out 13.30 when I arrived, and even then I think I missed the group. So I was behind the eight ball from the start and it didn't improve today. Decided to take it easy to start with, and then ease into the run but it was a little disconcerting when one by one runners started passing me. Okay, I did start off from a later group and they were all fast male runners that passed me, but it wasn't helping my mindset! Just before heading up a steepish road before heading off onto a track, I cut around a tree and a guy who was passing me at the time told me doing that was illegal! By this stage I had lost any remnant of the sense of humour I possessed and muttered something about not racing for sheep stations.

I could just see Flash Duck and Peter ahead of me - 'Flash Duck, wait for me, I'm just behind you' I was mentally, rather than physically, calling out but I just couldn't bridge the gap until Flash Duck headed uphill, the other way. Oh well, I managed to gasp out a hello to Peter as I passed him, and then continued on down towards to the footpaths. Garmin Girl wasn't playing the game today either - it took a while to acquire a satellite signal so only managed to record 4.28km of the 6km run, though I did get the total time.

Speedy Geoff passed me not too far from the finish however I did manage to pass a couple of other runners myself - though not many today. Quick chat to Speedy Geoff, Peter and Flash Duck and then it was back to work. Not a great run but a run nevertheless!


Al Carter said...

you guys have races at lunchtime - that rocks.

Jen_runs said...

I've just noticed that you are very partial to Lindt. Maybe we should make the venue for our catch-up with Flash and The Owl next month at the Lindt cafe in Martin Place.....

CJ said...

Does that mean Lindt chocolate and coffee in the one place - heaven!