Thursday, August 25, 2005

Running on empty empty stomach, that is.

Plan this morning - run a medium long run of about 80mins
Actual time - 79.34min
Distance - 14.09km
Average pace - 5.38min/km
Cals - 806
AHR - 148

Temperature at 5.30am - minus 3*C

Definitely, absolutely did not want to get out of bed this morning but somehow found myself at 5.30am dressed in running gear, had had a coffee, and was heading out the door. Brrrrrr! It was chilly - you'd think I'd get used to it by now. Slight twinge in side of L knee - also noticed it briefly in yesterday's run. However, it went away eventually. Then an ache started in L foot, underneath big toe. This too went away eventually. Thought about the new running shoes that I should be buying before the marathon - only trouble is, the marathon is getting closer by the day. Note to self - will get to the Runners Shop this weekend.

There was absolutely nobody out this morning, apart from me, so a very quiet and uneventful run. Face was slowly going numb with cold and so were a couple of my fingers, despite the gloves I was wearing. Stomach started growling at about the 7km mark, not good considering I still had another 7km to run. Thought about food for the rest of the run.

Have also started the carbo loading diet as I'm running in a half marathon on Sunday. Its a diet that appeared in the Runners World a few years ago now and really works for me. Prior to this, I used to be a little haphazard with my diet before a half or full marathon and paid for it in the actual event. I've not experienced this since following this diet.


Jen_runs said...

Minus 3*C ???

You are amazing ! Have you defrosted yet ??? Hehe


plu said...

That is very early and cold to go for a run.


allrounder said...

hi CJ...that pre-'thon diet sounds interesting - do you know where i cuold get a copy?