Tuesday, August 16, 2005

2005 City to Surf run

Plan - City to Surf 14km fun run
My (unofficial) time - 68.31min; Official time - 69.03min
Pace - 4.45min/km
AHR - 169; MinHR - 117; MaxHR - 179
Place - 4,290th!

We arrived in Sydney late Saturday afternoon and headed straight for the factory outlets at Homebush where I managed to buy a pair of boots that were $240, for $70. They are so cool! Then we headed to our hotel - Hyde Park Plaza. We met up with everyone for dinner at Two Fat Ducks (Hotel restaurant). Ordered what was called Homemade Gnocchi with Eggplant on the menu but looked very much like Eggplant Ravioli when they sat the plate down in front of me. Whatever, it was delicious.

I was up at around 7am Sunday morning for toast with honey and banana in our hotel room (the room had a small kitchen) and met up with everyone downstairs at about 8.45am. The advantage of staying at Hyde Park Plaza (about the only advantage though) was that it was close to the start and so we didn't have to use the portaloos - very important! By the time we got to the red group starting point it was probably about 9.10am and we headed for what was the the back of the group at that time though I think we were about halfway in the group by the time the gun went off. Anyway we didn't have too long a wait for the start (I hate the hanging around).

Took the start slowly, trying to avoid discarded clothes, empty drink bottles, newspaper, etc. Going through the tunnel we nearly came to an abrupt halt - not sure what the hold up was ahead but anyway we got moving again. Heard the reassuring chirp of my Garmin every kilometre - I really only took notice of the distance as I never usually look at my time when running. Saw a couple of CRs - thanks to those who called out to me. Smelt the tantalising odour of freshly brewed coffee at one point - oh so tempted to stop for a cuppa but promised myself one once I'd finished! However the smell of a sausage sizzle did absolutely nothing for me.

About the 7km point my legs felt strangely tired, as if I had run out of oomph. Uh oh, this was not good with HBH still to come. Focused on running a steady even pace and eventually this feeling passed - though I wonder what caused it? HBH has grown - of that I'm sure - its longer than I remember it. It went on and on and up and up and on and on and ohmigod, its still going on and on! I eventually made it to the top. However the hills following HBH, which usually gave me a few problems in past years, seemed to have got smaller. *Quietly, I think they've been doing some rearranging of hills - moving bits from the other hills to make HBH bigger!*

I stopped at most drink stations on the way to get either water or sports drink and experienced only one mishap when I had a cup of sports drink and was about to take a mouthful when someone's elbow connected with my cup and I ended up with a face full of sports drink! Managed not to get mowed down by other runners as I negotiated my way into and away from the drinks tables.

Bondi came into view - what a wonderful view! Then it was downhill and around the bend and past the CR cheersquad. Thanks guys for the cheers, it really helped - that last kilometre goes on and on - I had forgotten how long it is. Passed a guy wearing a top and pants made of what looked like silver glomesh-type fabric - interesting! Then it was all over - I crossed the line, was given a time card (69.03min), handed that in, collected a medal, had an orange segment or two and several cups of water and sports drink. Wandered around a bit, heading toward the designated meeting place and finally caught up with Mr Cj and Geoff. Others eventually joined us - it was good catching up with everyone.

A text message and phone call from Lulu and I was off again wandering around looking for CRs - and found them near the giant green Gatorade bottle (fortunately they're not too difficult to find). Finally got to meet some CRs face to face - Lulu, Mr Lulu, Jen, Owl, Wobbly Man, BennyR, Lucky Legs, Sparkie, Skizzik, Expozay and others that I just can't remember. Aki and Flash Duck were there as well. Would have loved to stay longer but unfortunately had to leave. However, I'm back in Sydney in a month's time for the marathon so I hope to see everyone again!

Went to Star City Casino that night for dinner - had a great time. The chocolate mousse was to die for!

Had a good cappuccino at Mr espresso, which is just around the corner from the hotel.

More Garmin Girl stats:
Pace per kilometre
1 - 6.34
2 - 4.34
3 - 4.41
4 - 5.04 (drink station?)
5 - 4.16 (downhill?)
6 - 4.47
7 - 5.48 (start of HBH?)
8 - 5.20 (HBH and drink station?)
9 - 4.39
10 - 4.42
11 - 4.54
12 - 4.20
13 - 3.59 (definitely downhill)
14 - 4.28


Gronk said...

Good to see you enjoyed your stay in Sydney and the run CJ. Hope to catch up after the Marathon next month (I'm doing the 1/2). :)

Jen_runs said...

Congratulations on a great run CJ. It was lovely to meet you (albeit briefly). We should try and catch up with Owl and Flash Duck for a meal when you are back in Sydney next month. J

CJ said...

I'd love to do that Jen.

Lulu said...

It was great to meet you CJ and glad you had a good run.. HBH did seem to go on and on I agree and that's where I really felt the heat too. I look forward to seeing you in Sydney next month.

Thanks for your comments on my blog too.. I've put it all in perspective now and will just have to have another go next year won't I. Now I know what to expect and I should be in the under 100 mins start so that should make things a bit easier.

allrounder said...

fantastic run!...isn't it great running with a Garmin?!

might meet you in Sydney as i'm doing the Half!

speedygeoff said...

The smh website has your time as 68.45.

A Girl Running said...

Fantastic race report - makes me want to book a flight now for next year.