Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A close call

Plan - Monday night session at Parliament House
Time - 5.30pm
Weather - from memory I think it was mild
Distance - about 8.3km
Time - 48.52min
Calories - 468
AHR - 147bpm

A different warm up to what we're used to - we ran through the bush surrounding PH. Hilly in parts but very enjoyable even though my legs were complaining bitterly about running again. R glute also a bit troublesome - has entailed sitting on a tennis ball to release pressure points.

Then the fun part - not! Notice the bit in the above map that criss crosses - the session involved :
slow run down the side;
fast diagonal run uphill from flagpole to flagpole;
slow run down;
fast diagonal run uphill from flagpole to flagpole
then all of the above as a recovery run.

This was repeated another 4 times. Its all run on grass which is fine except on one of the downhill slower runs I rolled my ankle. You hear about life flashing before one's eyes in an accident - in my case, it was all my training to date flashing before my eyes and the prospect of not doing the marathon. I kept running hoping that my ankle was fine - it felt a little woolly to start with but eventually improved and by the end of the session was fine. I stayed on the paths after this though - I wasn't taking any more chances! Griffin was flying along in this session - hard to believe he ran a blistering PB in the half marathon the day before - obviously he didn't run hard enough!

And thanks everyone for your supportive comments - it really does help and certainly makes my day! And as for the comments about deserving more than one Tim Tam following the half marathon - I would've had more if there had been more than 1 Tim Tam left in the packet! :)

Oh, another thing - in the latest Vetrunner newsletter there's of photo of moi finishing in the Mt Taylor race (back in July) with the caption "Another top female runner. CJ charges down the hill to finish in 13th spot [actually 11th] in the field". I love it!!!


go girl said...

I love that map CJ! I would like to see that photo of you in the Vetrunners mag too!

Jen_runs said...

Wow, that map looks very cool! I'd love to see the photo as well.

I'm really glad to hear that your ankle is ok - you had me worried for a minute there!!

Take care of yourself - not only now until the big day (not to mention our visit to the Lindt cafe!)


Luckylegs said...

"...from memory I think it was mild"...you're far too young to be having memory lapses like mine, CJ! Good/lucky that you didn't damage your ankle during that run...fabulous description & map; loved that pic in the previous post...we should all be using it as a screen-saver! Take care for Sydney!

Gronk said...

Yep, we all want to see the pic in the mag ! Well done on the run on the weekend. Gronk :)

Cirque said...

I'm glad you came clean about the Tim Tam CJ. I was getting seriously worried if that level of effort only deserved one TT!
Take care with those ankles until the big day.

speedygeoff said...

I THINK you can all access the photo at http://photos1.blogger.com/img/288/3108/200/cj.jpg