Monday, August 29, 2005

ACT Veterans' Half Marathon (or CJ vs Garmin Girl)

....and CJ won!

Plan - run the ACT Veteran's half marathon at a fairly fast training pace (ie 5min/km pace)
Time - 1hr 45.08min
Distance - half marathon
Weather - perfect running weather - blue skies, no wind, not too cold nor too warm -perfect!
Calories - 1,176
AHR - 159bpm; MHR - 174bpm

I decided to use the Virtual Partner (or Imaginary Friend as NottsLad refers to it - I prefer Garmin Girl myself) option in this half marathon to ensure I stayed on pace and didn't do something really stupid, like go out too fast, or forget that its supposed to be a training run and race it; the possibilities were endless, going on my previous form. As I have Sydney marathon in 2 weeks time I really wanted to be careful. So I set the distance (half marathon) and desired pace (5 min/km) and once the starter's gun went off, it was on for me and Garmin Girl.

It was a little unnerving when everyone took off and I plodded along (well it felt like it initially, sticking to my 5min/km pace) but I kept reminding myself that I will probably pass some of these fast starters further along in the race. I kept looking at my watch frequently to start with to check where Garmin Girl was, and to make sure I was just ahead of her. All was going well until the first drink station when I stopped to grab a drink. Garmin Girl snuck past me when I was preoccupied - very sneaky. However, I soon caught her up and then I changed my tactics slightly - I made sure I stayed about 50-60m ahead to give me a buffer when I came to drink stations.

In the meantime I ran along enjoying the run, being mostly by myself. I was beginning to think that most runners in this group (this half marathon has 3 starts to cater for slow, medium and fast runners) were fast runners and had obviously got confused and started in the wrong group. Eventually I started passing some stragglers and then could just see a group of runners ahead of me, so I was keeping in touch. I was still feeling good though feeling twinges in my R glute, which has been causing me some grief lately (I am having a massage Thursday afternoon and I'm so looking forward to it).

Mr B would pass me every now and then on his bike, or would be lazing on the grass as I ran past to provide encouragement- all right for some! There are some hills in the middle to latter stages of the run and it was here I passed more runners. Feeling good, still ahead of Garmin Girl, on days like this I feel I could run forever. Up the last hill (Hospital or University Hill, depending on who you talk to) which is a bit of a killer - passed Rainforestrun (aka Liezl), though I didn't know this at the time! After this last hill, its pretty much flat to the finish and, yes, I decided to step on the pace a little in the last couple of kms - couldn't see how that would hurt me now, I was almost finished. Its strange passing people who look absolutely stuffed when I felt so good - it didn't seem right somehow!

Finished in 1hr 45.05 and feeling very chuffed that I stuck to my plan and didn't have a blood rush to the brain and do something really stupid - my usual tactic, I have to admit! And I beat Garmin Girl!!! After the run a woman came over to talk to me and introduce herself - this was Rainforestrun, one-time training partner of Minersrun. So we had a little chat - she was lovely and very friendly. Maybe we might bump into each other at the Canberra Times fun run next month - I think she's doing it. Geoff did an amazing time, as did Gary - well done guys. Maria won her age group, as did Susan, and Margaret also did a great time. I came 5th in my age group.

Sunday afternoon, 3.40pm
Second run for the day

Plan - my training program had me doing a 2hr 30min long run. Well I had run 1hr 45min in the morning, so I still had 45min left to run.
Distance - 7.92km
Time - 44.54min
Average pace - 5.40min/km (slightly slower than the morning's effort!)
Calories - 439
AHR - 143bpm; MHR - 179bpm

In between the morning run and this run I had bought a new pair of Asics GT 2100s - the narrow version, 2A, so decided to break them in. As with last week's second run for the day, I ran better than I thought I would. Once my legs realised they had to run again (after some initial complaining) I soon settled into a rhythm and thoroughly enjoyed the run. Shoes were comfortable. Promised myself a Tim Tim after the run, which I had later that night :)


strewth said...

And oh boy, you deserved that tim tam! Well done on a great run - you looked so comfortable at the end too! I remembered the nickname used on Australian Idol and it suits you so perfectly - "Pocket Rocket" - that's you to a "t" so from now on cj is the little Pocket Rocket!!

TA and the Gnome said...

Sounds like you had a great day. I'm intrigued by the split run idea that you and miners have been experimenting with. Looking forward to meeting you at Sydney. BTW how many Tim Tams is a marathon worth???


Al Carter said...

Congratulations CJ - you're an inspiration! I really must explore that pacing technology that you have. It sounds like it helps a lot.

Jen_runs said...

I think you deserved more than one Tim Tam CJ. What a fantastic day and 2 great runs!!! You are going to blitz Sydney in 2 weeks; I'm really looking forward to watching you do it!!


NottsLad said...

I think my Imaginary Friend will be a bit embarassed if I tell him that your Garmin Girl can push you along at that pace... in training!

Well done!

I wonder if I should get an Imaginary Friend for my Imaginary Friend to help him along?

allrounder said...

top run CJ...i haven't used the virtual runner mode yet but both your's & minersrun's stories have inspired me to try it later this week...i'm also a big fan of reward running but not tim tams!

go girl said...

Great race report CJ! You are doing so well with your training and races you should be very proud of yourself! See you in Sydney!

Susan said...

Great job CJ - I love reading your blog. What type of speedword do you do?

Chicago Marathon is Oct 9th. I'm ready for it to be here. I'm hoping for 9 min miles - we'll see, I'm averaging 10:30s right now. I need to get my own Garmin Girl.

Ewen said...

CJ, congratulations on your victory over Garmin Girl! I must remember to make Forerunner Man run real slow in the Blackmore's Half.

That's a good photo of you finishing the IM. I think we need a marathon that finishes in the dark.