Friday, September 02, 2005

My taper so far.....

First of all, thank you everyone for your concern/well wishes :)


8.30am: Started with breakfast at Babars Cafe with friends.
12.45pm: Coffee with Carolyne (aka Flashduck) at Cafe Gaudi, a highlight of my day.
2pm: Massage with Matt the masseuse. Bliss! (with a little pain thrown in - I think Gronk can relate to this)

Running? Oh, I'm supposed to run?! Seriously, I wish I could but even walking at the moment requires energy.


12.15pm: Takeaway pizza from Belucci's with work colleagues/very good friends (this pizza is to die for).
1.30pm: Coffee with Bec at Michels - just the thing to have after pizza.
4pm: Got home from work and crashed out on the sofa for an hour.
5.15pm: eggplant and tofu stirfy with steamed rice, and a cappuccino, at the mall - necessary sustenance before grocery shopping.

Again, no running. However, I am going to attempt a run tomorrow morning. I have planned to meet Strewth at Lake Ginninderra, we'll run around the lake, and then head to Black Pepper Cafe for coffee. (Yes, Carolyne, I promise to take it easy!) Tomorrow is another day and I will feel better! (I've just read over my entry and there appears to be a pattern forming - I am rather focused on food and coffee!)

(Robert, thanks for your comments - I have been trying to follow the advice that I gave you - I'm just not very good at it!)


Susan said...

Thanks, I did update the profile. Hope you are feeling better.

Cirque said...

Wow, CJ. You have a seriously social taper. Enjoy!

Al Carter said...

CJ - glad you're enjoying my efforts - I feel like such a light weight compared to you and other distance runners round these parts.

Anyway - don't feel bad about the need for relief. This month's Runners World just arrived in my mail and there's an article about the "Monster Month" - this article says that the month before a marathon is when you are most at risk from burn out. It's not on their website yet but when it is, I'll let you know.

Enjoy the coffee.

Carolyne said...

CJ, you guzzumped me before I could add to "take it easy"!
Focus on food and coffee is all good! I hope that you are feeling better.