Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ohmigod, I have muscles!!!

I have muscles and ohmigod are they complaining. I am feeling the after effects from the upper body weights workout I started yesterday at the gym - my arms and upper back are feeling rather tender today. Hopefully I will have recovered sufficiently by tomorrow so I can do it all again!

Ankle update - very colourful, various shades of blue and purple and a touch of green. The swelling is going down - I can actually see my ankle now. Its not painful to walk on or when I do the ankle exercises from the latest R4YL magazine.

Also had more root canal treatment this morning - not happy. Seems like it was not healing the way it was supposed to and so there was more cleaning and scraping of root canals followed by more antibiotic dressings and temporary fillings, oh and another visit in November.

Tomorrow - swimming and brekkie with Strewth. Looking forward to seeing her new purchase - yes, a Garmin! Then gym at lunchtime.

Running? What's that?!


Jen_runs said...

Damn, so I've been weighing myself incorrectly all these years. Will try the new way and report tomorrow ;-)

You love having muscles, go on admit it :-)

I'm sorry to hear that you are having a really rough time of it lately. I hope things pick up for you v. quickly. You know what might help - Lindt chocolates :-D


Lulu said...

I was thinking of sending you that cartoon the other day and couldn't find it so I'm glad you found it!

Looking forward to seeing you and your garish ankle on Monday. Some Lindt choccie will definitely cure it!

KIT said...

Love the picture!!!
I am definately trying this method!!

Aki said...

The lindt will work well. Keep at the upper body stuff CJ, it's hard to do that work and still does you good even if you can't run.

Ewen said...

Melt the chocolate and rub it on your ankle - less calories that way.

So CJ, will you tell me your secret to running a brilliant marathon?

Al Carter said...

I share your orthodontic pain. But the upside is that since I got my braces put on I've lost 3 pounds thanks to the inability to eat solids! Who knew?

leanordsmith84856168 said...

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A Girl Running said...

LOL I must try that with my scales

the latest R4YL if out? I knew I should have subscribed...I better run (about time I did some of that!) to the newsagency

Just ready about your ankle problem, ouch glad it's getting slowly better though

Dak-Ind said...

i stole your picture, thats too funny. i have this great plan to join weight watchers... maybe i just try this scale usage instead!

lady said...

poo, Eagles didn't win.


my thoughts are with you... :)