Sunday, September 18, 2005

Canberra Times 10km fun run

Distance – 10km
Time – 45.40min (12secs slower than my PB! Gotta be happy with that!)
AHR – 167
Calories – 549
Mood - :)

The Cool Runner Chickybabes team did really well today! And the weather had improved, thank goodness, otherwise it would’ve been gloves, scarves, and ear warmers. Woke to blue skies and no wind. As per usual, got down to the start about 15mins before the start and after standing in a toilet queue that was going nowhere, gave up and headed for the start. Fortunately we Cool Runners are not hard to spot and Flash Duck and Strewth were waving their arms in case I should miss them!!! Was a bit concerned because we were right up the front, albeit to the side. I was also a tad worried that I might get caught up in the stampede once the gun went off.

I had set Garmin Girl for a 50min 10km though, to be fair to Garmin Girl, I was only doing this so I would at least stay focused enough to keep under 50min. Passed one guy early on running in bare feet – all I could think was how painful that would be – for me. It obviously wasn’t bothering him. It also reminded me of the time I watched the IM in Forster and one of the Japanese competitors forgot his bike shoes, so he pedalled the 180km in bare feet on clipless pedals! And he completed the IM in 9 ½ hours and qualified for Hawaii.

Anyway I digress. I could just see Flash Duck ahead of me and tried to keep her in sight for the rest of the run. She was running well as usual. I was feeling pretty good myself actually – not feeling the tiredness that had plagued me during the week. After the crowds in Sydney last week, the crowds today were very subdued. Stopped twice during the run for a drink – at the 4km mark and then about the 7km mark to pick up a water sachet. Had learnt, from using the sachets at the Canberra marathon, how to open them without squirting the entire contents over my face!

Felt strong throughout the entire run though I don’t think I could’ve gone any faster. I think I did manage to negative split the run so happy with that. However, I find 10km just too short – I’m starting to get into my stride and then its over. It also means going out harder earlier in the race – something I’m never keen on doing. Marathons are easier! :) Flash Duck finished 10secs ahead of me. Both Strewth and Lucky legs had good runs – I think LL did a PB! Aki looked fresh as a daisy after doing the walk.

After the barrel draws and photo shoots of the Canberra Cool Runner contingent, a few of us headed off for a very welcome and much needed coffee at The Deck café. Strewth and I had been thwarted earlier in our coffee quest when the power had been cut off to the only mobile coffee van at the race finish. Not happy Jan!!! But a great day nevertheless!:)


Aki said...

:) Yep, eagles all the way since year 3, also have a soft spot for essendon since they're my dad's team.

Great run today, you should talk, you looked as fresh as a daisy yourself. :)

Ewen said...

Marathons are not easier!! CJ, if you think 10k is short wait until you try a 1500 metres.

That was a good thrashing of Garmin Girl - you didn't give her a chance!

I must join you lot on a coffee quest one day - I love a good cuppuccino.

Don Juan said...

Beautifully written blog CJ. Delight to read.

Expect the Swans to bring the eagles crashing down to earth. You'll need something stronger than a coffee next saturday night. Best of luck.

Tesso said...

Fantasic result, coming so close to your PB just a week after Sydney. Hope there are some more 10k races for you soon so you can find out what you can really do.

I saw the pic in FD's blog, great to see so many Canberra CRs!

Jen_runs said...

Great run CJ, particularly after last Sunday. After the C2S and the 9km last weekend, I think I prefer the longer distances too; it takes me about 6kms to warm up!


PS Will find out Lindt cafe opening times...

Jen_runs said...

PS Go the Swans!!!!