Sunday, September 04, 2005

Seven sleeps to go

Ohmigod, only seven sleeps to go and I'm hardly running. Filling my face and drinking coffee but not really running.

Program - long run of about 90mins
The plan was to run a loop near home and then head down to Lake Ginninderra to meet up with Strewth and Mr B and run around the lake. Coffee to follow afterwards at Black Pepper cafe.
Distance - 17.7km
Time - 89mins
Average pace - 6.03min/km
Calories - 797
AHR - 139; MHR - 151

For the first 7.3km by myself I felt very dreary and blah punctuated by moments when I felt like I was running okay. Thought my heart rate would be rocketing through the roof but it settled down as I plodded along. The second part of the run, with Strewth and Mr B, was far more pleasant and I felt much better by the end of it. Certainly wouldn't set the world alight with my pace but I did it and didn't keel over during it or at the end. Even more importantly, I still felt okay later in the day, just some residual tiredness. However, the thought that the marathon is only 7 sleeps away is starting to get to me - I wish the blah feeling would go. I haven't had a sore throat, fever, achey joints just headache and feeling very tired and blah.

I have decided to go to the Team Moore run session Monday evening at Parliament House but will take it easy. It also saves me having to get up early Tuesday morning and run!

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there!!! :)


Friar said...

Hope all the ACT runners go well in Sydney.

CJ -- After all the dedication and commitment in your training, you deserve a good results. :-)

strewth said...

C u at the pool in the morning. So glad you're running at Parliament House tomorrow but don't overdo it. Stay well!

miners said...

Sounds like the pre-race nerves more than anything to be too worried about CJ - you've had a pretty good prep really - last week's lurgy may have even helped you a little just in holding you back from doing too much.

All the best for the day - you'll have a great race

TA and the Gnome said...

Don't worry about running too much. You can make up for it next Sunday! That's how my week is planned :-).


Susan said...

Hi CJ, I think 24 miles is about a 46k. I know 10 miles is a 20k, so that's what I'm guessing. I hope you start feeling better soon. I ran a marathon in February with Bronchitis (against dr's orders mind you) and it was no fun! Get plenty of rest.

KIT said...

Hey CJ,
OOOH first time across the bridge, no cars, lots of runners, butterflies in the tummy... all psyched for a great run!! What a wat to experinece the bridge for the first time!
I think the blah feeling is pretty normal the week before... eat up, rest up and think of all your hard work... you will have a great run!
I like to listen to certain songs to really get me fired up and excited... Queens "don't stop me know" is a favourite... a bit corny I know
See you Sunday!

Jen_runs said...

Hi CJ. Glad to hear that you are feeling better though not quite 100%. You've done all the hard work over the last few weeks so a relaxed taper won't harm your run next Sunday. Relax and enjoy your week. How exciting - I've walked over the bridge many times to and from work but I've never run over it. It's going to be a great day!!! J.

Leizel said...

Hope you are feeling better soon -
all the best for the weekend

allrounder said...

wouldn't your average pace be closer to 5:00mpk for that distance?

sounds like a good run anyway!

Tesso said...

Hi CJ, like you I'll be lining up with for Sydney Mara and I can relate to the 'blah' feeling! Not to mention filling the face :-)

Hardly running is good, its all part of the taper.

Hopefully we can catch up pre or post race ... or both. See ya soon.

PS I don't see you name in the list in the 'Roll Call' message.

A Girl Running said...

I feel really excited for you and hope the bleh feeling goes away very soon. Lets hope its nerves

lady said...


don't worry about the blah feeling... whatever it is you can't do anything about it, so just stick with the program. You will be bouncing off the walls come race day. good luck!

Run for Chocolate said...

I get the blahs on occasion too. It's usually hormones!