Tuesday, September 06, 2005

5 sleeps to go

Thanks for the comments - it is helping to keep me positive :)

I have been thinking about my goals for the Sydney marathon.

Main goal - to enjoy the marathon, and the day. Can't wait to meet up with everyone!
Minor goal - I have elected to run with the 3hr 45min pace group.
Minor goal - To finish in under 4 hours.

There, I've said it - its now out in the open!

Monday run session - Parliament House
Session - similar to last week, a total of nine sprints this week.
Distance - 8.3km
Time - 52.30min
Average pace - 6.20min/km (I have to confess I was taking it easy and Strewth will back me up on this)
Calories - 479
AHR - 143; MHR - think there was a blip in the system because Garmin Girl said 224!

Found the warm up hard work so it wasn't looking promising for the main session! It was similar to last week in that we ran the straight sides slow and the diagonals faster (can honestly say I didn't sprint, except for the very last one). Chatted to Strewth for most of the session so a very pleasant way to pass the time while running. I hope Strewth felt the same! My R glute is still troubling me though, which is a bit of a worry. I have another massage appointment with Matt this Thursday, and I've been doing the appropriate stretches; it just doesn't seem to be improving.

Chatted to Griffin after the session then it was off home where, after a shower, dinner, some household duties, and chocolate (part of Mr CJ's Fathers Day present), I fell asleep in the lounge.


plu said...

Good luck with your time goal. A 15 minute buffer is a good idea


Al Carter said...

Best of luck to you.
Enjoy the next few days - don't forget to taper and to carbo load - the best part of training IMHO!
Can't wait to read the race report.

Friar said...

A great idea to run with a group, for all the support that will provide.

And with support from Garmin Girl you'll be reminded not to go too fast early.

Susan said...

Good Luck CJ!