Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A fat ankle :(

Monday night session - Parliament House

Distance - 9.8km
Time - 61.41min
Pace - 6.17min/km
AHR - 133bpm; MHR - 167bpm
Calories - 558

Last night, near the end of the run session at Parliament House, I rolled my ankle. My ankle went over the edge of the footpath. There was a horrible crack, followed by much jumping around and a few choice words which I won't repeat! I was sore when I stopped running so decided to do the cool down run (ignoring Strewth's protestations) because I hoped that the ankle would feel better, and it did feel marginally better. However, my ankle was hurting like hell on the way home in the car after the session and throbbed all night - gladwrap, voltaren gel and hirudoid ointment being the prescribed treatment overnight. I have been icing, resting, elevating, strapping, taking anti inflammatories, etc etc. My ankle is swollen, bruised and sore, though the bruising isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Today l feel like a big blob (I have put on 1.4kg overnight). Not a good day :(


KIT said...

Hey CJ
what a great run on Sunday... 1 week after marathon- another woo hoo to you!
OUCH! The ankle sounds sore! Hopefully a few days rest will fix it right up!
look after yourself

D said...

OUCH! Sorry about your ankle. It is impressive to run such a quick 10K and only seconds off your PR considering you just did your marathon!! WOW. I hope that ankle heals quickly.

miners said...

Really hope you'll be ok CJ. I'm in a similar boat so we can cry over each other's virtual shoulders to get us through.

Congrats on the confirmation of your Sydney time, and your great run in the 10km!

allrounder said...

must be an ankle thing going around...how it doesn't take too long to resolve...

go girl said...

Sorry to read about your ankle CJ. The extra weight gain is probably fluid to do with your injury! Take it easy.

Tesso said...

Oh no CJ, fingers crossed its nothing serious. Sounds like you did the right thing straight away, I'm sure that's gonna help heaps.

Ha ha, I can relate to the 'blob' thing, I've been feeling particularly blobbish since Sydney. The trick is to not weigh yourself when you know you're not gonna like what you see :-)

Jen_runs said...

Ouch! So sorry to hear about your ankle. Hopefully your quick action will minimise your time off the road. And Tess is right; stay off the scales until you are back on the road. Scales are bad - though I wish I could take my own advice ;-)


Susan said...

Hope your ankle feels better soon!

Friar said...

Hope your ankle treatment works.

Isn't it unfair after being in such good form.

Lulu said...

Oh no, that's terrible luck CJ. Such as shame after your triumphs in the last few weeks. Fat ankle definitely accounts for extra weight.. you'd be amazed how much one little ankle can account for.. I'm sure that's where all my extra weight is ;) Hope you'll still coming to Sydney next week. We can carry you around on some sort of chaise like royalty if necessary!

plu said...

Hope the ankle gets better soon