Wednesday, September 07, 2005

4 sleeps to go

Went to yoga Tuesday evening and could quite have easily fallen asleep on my mat. Which is probably why the teacher kept using me to demonstrate certain poses - which is very embarrassing as I'm so stiff that when eventually I do get into a pose it takes me a long time to get out of it again! Well, this was the case last night anyway - my muscles were so tight. As for the 'quiet' bit near the end of the session, where we lie on our mats, close our eyes and concentrate on our breath - it went something like this for me:
Inhale, exhale......what will I have to eat when I get home....inhale, exhale, follow my breath.....I must remember to read all those boring corporate documents for planning day tomorrow....inhale....did I remember to make that dentist appointment...exhale, inhale....gee my lower back is feeling stiff....exhale, or was it inhale...great, now I'm forgetting how to breathe.....what was that she said, follow my breath...inhale...and so it goes on.

Wednesday - easy run
Program - easy 50min run
Distance - 8.32km
Time - 49.29min
Average pace - 5.57min/km
Calories - 500
AHR: 142; MHR: 159

A good run - felt comfortable, apart from my R glute and now some tightness behind my R knee. Sciatic nerve? God, I hope not - anyway I'm stretching and taking anti-inflammatories. Tomorrow afternoon - appointment with Matt the masseuse for a much-needed massage.

I have been thinking about what to wear on Sunday. The weather forecast for Sydney seems to fluctuate between cloudy but fine to cold and rain. I'll probably wear my Cool Runner singlet. I think the Cool Runner tri top will be too hot but its handy in that it has pockets. I'm planning on wearing a short pair of Linebreak running nicks and they don't have a pocket so I've got nowhere to stash my gels. What to do? Ideas anyone?

Tomorrow, I start the carbo loading diet.


Jen_runs said...

I hope the massage sorts out your little niggle. Take care of yourself over the next few days.


PS Are Lindt balls considered good cardio-loading food ?? :-)

Al Carter said...

aaaah carbo loading....the joy, the bliss, the lovely lovely carbs

Susan said...

Carbs are sooo yummy! A Runner singlet is a good idea - forgetting how to breath is a bad idea. Just relax and by all means, don't think about boring corporate documents! Bleh.

Gronk said...

Best of luck Sunday CJ. Hope to catch afterwards. Gronk :)

Tesso said...

Glad you've worked out what to wear, I'm still deciding. It's worse than when you go out :-)

Stashing gels can be a pain. I'm wearing my fuelbelt purely so I can strap mine in with a bottle.

See ya on the start line.

Ewen said...

You could tape a couple under your CR Cap! See you on Monday for a hard session of Parly House sprints! ;) And, no, Lindt balls are not good carbo-loading food!

A Girl Running said...

Carb loading time..that is so exciting. Not fair about the lindt balls though!

I had a good chuckle at your yoga relaxing thoughts