Saturday, September 24, 2005


Today I decided to test my ankle by doing a short run. If it held up ok then I would run in the Vets' run tomorrow - an 8km off-road run. My ankle has improved steadily over the week and the swelling has gone; only the bruising remains. Besides I couldn't stand sitting watching the Eagles/Swan Grand Final - a run seemed like a pretty good idea!

Distance - 5.59km
Time - 32.08min
Av pace - 5.44min/km
AHR - 144bpm; MHR - 168bpm
Calories - 329

A good run. Strapped my ankle before setting out and stuck to a route that is fairly flat. Iced the ankle once I'd finished the run. Its still feeling fine 4 hours after the run so *touch wood* it will be fine to run tomorrow.

Friday swim

It was my second swim for the week - the other being Monday. Today I decided to swim pyramids to break up the boredom of swimming up and down following the black line. My shoulders, arms and back were still a bit sore from Wednesday's gym session so swimming was a good idea. My ankle was a bit sore so tried not to kick too hard or push off from the wall with my left foot. Had brekkie with Strewth after the swim, and had porridge with dates and toasted flaked almonds - yummo!

Distance - 1km
Session - 200m WU; 50m/100m/150m/200m/150m/100/50m (10 sec RI)
Didn't time the swim

Didn't go to the gym at lunchtime. Decided coffee with a friend was a much better option ;-)

Friday night we went out to dinner with Helen and Trath, who had returned from an overseas trip earlier in the week, and Strewth. It was a great night, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Saturday morning, Mr CJ and I decided to try Pellegrino's Cafe in Fyshwick as they were advertising that their fully trained barista had over 10 years experience and strives to make every coffee perfect. While the coffee was ok and not bitter or weak, there was very little froth on top. Afterwards, we checked out a couple of kitchen shops as we are in the process of getting plans drawn up to renovate our house, and we need some inspiration. We came away with quite a few ideas and a better idea of what we might want.


speedygeoff said...

Rats: in one lifetime there has been a Collingwood flag and now a Sydney flag. Unbelievable! Sorry the good guys came second today, cj.

Hilda said...

Hello!! I just read your blog including the marathon review. The way it all happen is incredible, specially if you make a PB while having to stop for the traffic, which means record time was even better. I'll keep track on your accomplishments every day from today, thanks for the visit.

D said...

Great news on your ankle so far! Nice cartoon! I like that idea! Coffee with a friend certainly is more enticing at times!! Good luck on the off road race if you do it!!

Run for Chocolate said...

I am glad your test run went well. I wish I was with you to test the barista. I love a good cup of joe!

Jen_runs said...

Oh CJ, I'm really glad to hear that your ankle has improved and that you are back on the road. See you on Monday ;-)