Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A much better day!

Ankle is still swollen but the swelling does seem to be going down. It feels a lot better today so maybe running on Sunday is an outside possibility?! Have been very proactive with treating it and it seems to be working. Also went to yoga last night and had my own personal instructor. I spent most of my time lying on my back on the mat with my legs up in the air or against the wall.

Today - its the gym for an upper body weights workout and ab exercises. It has been a while (surprise, surprise) since I've been to the gym but because I'm feeling blobby, I feel the need to do something. Otherwise, I'm going to drive myself and everyone around me up the wall!

Also, I know I shouldn't weigh myself every day (after all its what I tell everyone else) but what have I been doing lately - yup, getting on those damn scales. Must stop it!


Carolyne said...

Good news about the ankle ~ a little rest from running now wouldn't hurt!

Looove the image though - maybe we Chicky Babes can use it as our 'Team' logo?!

Get better soon

KIT said...

Great news about the ankle!!

Scales are not our friend!! I also have a rule once a week only! But very hard to resist sometimes... especially when feeling blobby! What is wrong with the female brain????

strewth said...

That coffee ad is soooo cool! So glad that ankle is finally going down - I need your company on Sunday!!

Tesso said...

CJ, sounds promising about the ankle.

As for the weigh-in, I rarely do it when I'm feeling blobby. But when I'm not I do it daily cos that way I know I'm gonna like what I see :-)

Wobbly man said...

Rest and patience CJ - and yes, it is easy for me to say (not that I ever practice what I preach or anything)...

Robert Song said...

CJ , this was the second snake that has been on the verandah. About four months ago there was one a little bigger. I caught that one with some what hesitant assistance from my wife and put it in a garabage bag. It must have weighed 10kg and I was worried the bottom was going to drop out.
I released it into the bush about 5k up the road in Brisbane Forest Park.

Hope yor ankle getters better quickly.

D said...

Sounds like your ankle is healing nicely...GREAT. Be careful. We all know how these injuries can hinder our running!

I love the coffee image!

Thanks for the input on the shoes!

Flatman said...

Blobby - word of the day!

Al Carter said...

at least coffee has no calories!

Good news that your ankle is going down. Now your marathon is over what is next for you?


The Mighty Pen

Susan said...

I love that coffe picture - that is so me every morning. What's up with the snake thing this Robert guy is talking about - eww, i hate snakes - I found a 6 ft skin in my yard the other day - totally freaked me out!

I myself have been feeling a bit bloppy - I've put on some extra weight since I've been eating like a crazed farm hand! Damn scales!

TA and the Gnome said...

Pleased to hear the ankle is improving but once and for all, hide the scales!! My wt has not changed for a long time but I now buy smaller clothes :-).Mind you I know I weigh more then Gnome :-(.

As for tri stuff, I'm like you. To keep up the running it's hard to fit in the rides and swims but I'm trying for a 40k/week and maybe a short interval session on the windtrainer. As for swimming I must be brave and organise to go with someone.

Now the important stuff - all the best to the Eagles for Saturday. Let's hope it is a 'good' GF. I of course will be hoping the Swans thrash your boys but we are just thrilled the swannies are in it. We are having a swans party at home without our 21 yr old and his mate who got tickets to the game! Enjoy the game.

RunDave said...

Mmmm coffee. Can't get enough of the stuff. I might write something about coffee in my next post. Nice blog.