Sunday, September 25, 2005

Deeks Forest Park run, 8km

This morning it was the monthly Veterans' Athletics handicap run at Deeks Forest Park (named after Robert de Castella - apparently he used to train there). It used to be a lovely pine forested area but the bushfires put an end to that - now its a desolate looking area. However, it is still undulating - that hasn't changed.

I strapped my ankle and hoped for the best! Strewth picked me up this morning. Met up with Trath and Helen before the start, which I must admit was a pleasant surprise. Helen didn't look keen the other night when we were talking about the run today so expected her to win the argument about whether to go or not! Obviously not! They were doing the short course which was about 4km and they didn't hang around after the finish. But the good news is they've joined the club!

(I'm trying to do a million things at once - I'm going to Sydney for work so I am trying to pack, update my blog, washing, etc - my flight leaves in 2 hours!)

Distance - 8km
Time - 38.48min
Av pace - 4.50min/km
Calories - 460
Didn't wear my HRM
Place - 69
Start group - 26

In short - went out too fast and paid for it on the return as indicated by average pace for each km (it was uphill on the way back or, at least, it felt like it!):
1km - 4.35
2km - 4.34
3km - 4.33
4km - 4.43
5km - 4.38
6km - 5.04
7km - 5.09
8km - 5.23

Ankle held up well though was careful on the downhill bits. Afterwards, we had a coffee or two at Black Pepper. Now I must dash and pack! :)


go girl said...

Great run CJ! Well done. Thanks for your kind comments on my Blog. I can't believe you are back up running already and have done so well. Good on you.

Susan said...

Pack like the wind CJ.

Rae said...

It's great to hear your ankle is holding up well! Have a great trip!

A Girl Running said...

you must travel a bit to leave it that close? Or you live next to the airport.

Your ankle held up okay then?

have a great time in Sydney...even if it is work.

Tesso said...

Great run CJ! With that and last Sunday's effort, and a sore ankle, its got me beat how you've come back so strongly from the marathon. Hmmmm, maybe its all the great coffee you Canberra girls drink :-)

miners said...

Great to hear that the ankle is looking good for you CJ. Hope you get to do a bit of running in the big smoke while you're there.

Thanks for the comments btw - the ankle at this end still needs a bit of healing I'm afraid

KIT said...

Great run CJ!!! Sore ankle and all!
Well done :)

Al Carter said...

Do you get to run when you are away on business? I always find a break from routine throws me off training. I hope you do get to run.

Hilda said...

Running that fast with a pack ankle?? those continous challenge should be motivating you!! I admire you.