Saturday, September 17, 2005

Return to winter

Today, it is wet, bitterly cold and a miserable 7.9*C. Not conducive to going outside or running. Not that I had any intention of doing either of these things as the mighty West Coast Eagles are playing the Adelaide Crows in Perth, and I’m watching the game on TV. If its not blatantly obvious, I’m an Eagles supporter! Currently, Eagles are 8 points ahead! Be warned – this entry will be punctuated by footy updates!

Friday’s run – my first post-marathon run
Yesterday I managed to haul myself out of bed before 6am to run.
*Yay – Ben Cousins kicked a goal – now 14 points ahead!*
*Another goal – 20 points ahead – woo hoo!!*

Distance – 4.8km
Time – 28.57min
Pace – 6.02min/km
Calories – 253
AHR – 136; MHR – 155

*Woo hoo – another goal!!!*

Because I had been having so much trouble waking up at the designated time on previous mornings for a run, I asked Mr CJ to wake me when he brought me my morning coffee, before he leaves for work. What I didn’t anticipate was having my bedside light shone in my face at 5.20am, and someone asking me if I was awake yet!

*another Eagles goal!!*

It wasn’t a brilliant run but the purpose was to get my legs turning over, and eventually they obliged. There’s a bit of tightness in my calves and my R glute (the usual problem area) but otherwise everything felt reasonably okay. I should be able to run 10km on Sunday, as part of the CR Chicky babe team in the Canberra Times fun run. Looking out the window now, though, the weather had better improve before tomorrow morning!

Now its back to the footy! Go the mighty Eagles!!!


Rage said...

Greetz from another Aussie :)

Looking at random Blogs, stumbled on yours; looks nice.

strewth said...

Damn right it's cold - better be warmer than this tomorrow cos I have my number pinned on my CR singlet and I'll have to run fast to beat the goose bumps!! Brrrrr! Go CR chickybabes!!

Aki said...

Go CJ! :)

KIT said...

Great to hear that the legs are moving again!!! I always feel like a mac truck starting up a hill after a hard race... sooo hard to get going. Good luck in your 10km and who won ??? I am a League girl :)... alithough with the swanies in the grand final I may jump on the bandwagon for the day :) (Cheap I know!!!)

speedygeoff said...

As a Crows supporter -- well -- all I can add is, at least we thumped the enemy (Port) the previous week. Well done Eagles and I hope you flog the Swans. Even if you don't, the trophy stays out of Melbourne. That's all good.