Friday, September 09, 2005

Hurts so good

Thursday - massage day
Had my massage courtesy of Matt - deep tissue massage which was verging on painful - but oh such a good pain! "How are you feeling?" Matt would ask while pushing his elbow into my back. "Fine" would be my muffled reply. "Does that hurt?" he'd ask as he found a particularly tight spot in my calf. "Oh no" I'd lie, not very convincingly I might add, as I was also going "ooch, ouch, ooch, aaargh!" Felt very lightheaded and woozy for a little while afterwards - that's a first. Decided not to run after work but have a bath instead and an early night.

Friday - last run - 2 sleeps to go!
Program - 12 x 30sec efforts (30sec RI)
Time - 31.28min
Distance - 5.6km
Calories - 444
AHR: 159

Set Garmin Girl for 12 x 30sec intervals followed by 30 sec rest intervals and then followed the countdown beeps and chirps - so much easier than checking the watch all the time. My muscles felt fine after the pummelling they received yesterday. The run was a good final hitout though I did feel a bit heavy in the legs by the final 30sec interval - I hope that feeling disappears before Sunday. Then I headed home for carbs, carbs and more carbs.

Well that's it - have done the training and now its crunch time - or it will be on Sunday. Have decided to take my ipod (thanks Tesso). We head off to Sydney some time tomorrow. I have made sure my number and timing chip are in my suitcase already so I won't forget them in the mad panic that will happen tomorrow because, as usual, I will have left my packing to the last minute.

As Big Kev would say, I'm excited! Bring it on! :)


Susan said...

I can't wait for my massage today and am dying to get one of these garmin girl thingys. Sounds like you are feeling better. Eat many carbs for me.

Susan said...

oh, me again . . . I would have died it you had forgetten your ipod - I shiver at the thought.

Chelle said...

I know what you mean pain sure does feel like its doing you some good sometimes hey!!

Good luck on Sunday :)

Al Carter said...

Best of luck with the race. I hope you meet all your marathon goals. I hope you enjoy it too.
Looking forward to the race report on Monday.

You go girl!

Cirque said...

Looking forwad to the race report.

Lulu said...

Go for it CJ and I'm looking forward to giving you a cheer on the final stretch and to that post run coffee!

Bennyr said...

Good luck CJ. It should be fun.

KIT said...

Good Luck!!! Enjoy!
I look forward to reading all about it!

speedygeoff said...

Go for it CJ. You have done all the work & now it's time for the rewards.

Hannah said...

I'm contemplating getting a sports massage too - yours sounded like it definitely hit the spot!

Hope you did well yesterday, dying to hear how everyone went!