Monday, June 20, 2005

Root Canal Treatment....aarrgghh!

I have just returned from the dentists with half my face numb from the anaesthetic, and my wallet a lot lighter. After an xray it was decided that root canal treatment was the way to go to fix the toothache. The problem tooth was one that was reconstructed 5 years ago and so it was only a matter of time before problems started, in fact the dentist was impressed that I lasted this long. So I've had the preliminary work done, a temporary filling applied and another appointment made for a month's time.

I did manage to go swimming this morning before the dentist visit. Swam one kilometre at Civic pool - started a little later than usual and so had the lane to myself. Focussed on pulling through the water and felt I was swimming faster however my time was 21.11min, a little slower than usual.

For now I'll take a couple of pain killers, grab a hot water bottle and hope the after effects of the dentist's visit won't be too bad. Maybe some chocolate later.....? :-(


Jen_runs said...

Chocolate cures all CJ !!

Hope you feel better soon. That reminds me, I'll email you the code so you can have your own snazzy table on your blog ! J

Carolyne said...

Take care with the heat of the Hot Chocolate CJ. As Jen says, chocolate cures all.

Ewen said...

Dentists are a neccessary evil. The temporary pain of hard exercise is nothing compared to a dodgy tooth! Hope you're feeling better soon.