Sunday, June 12, 2005

A 2 hour run to finish the week!

Today my Sydney marathon training plan had me doing a 2 hour run. I had planned on meeting with Strewth, Dave and Peter down at Lake Ginninderra at 9am so I decided to start my run earlier and then finish with company. It was very grey and foggy when I started at 7.30am and ran one of my regular morning routes around the suburbs. I wore my mini ipod for company. It was great to see puddles for a change. I felt a little sluggish and wasn't relishing the thought of continuing with a run around the lake. Not sure if it was the after effects of yesterday's yoga - though I wasn't as stiff as I usually am the day after my yoga class. I finished back at home after about 52min where I had a drink and a GU, put on my drink bottle holder and headed off to the lake to meet the others. Much to my surprise, and delight, two other friends were also waiting - Helen and Steve. The run around the lake was much slower than last week's run, when we completed the 7.6km in just over 39mins. I don't know how long it took today but it was certainly longer than that! By the time I had finished I had been running for 2hours and 3mins. I had completed my first week of training for the Sydney marathon.

The run was followed by breakfast at Musica e, down by the lake. I had 2 excellent cappuccinos with great company. What more could you ask for?! Tomorrow I can sleep in - yay!


strewth said...

Welcome to blogging CJ - you will be addicted in no time - great to have your company today. I'm still downloading music on my ipod. It's taking forever but judging by the number of people ipoding (is that a word?) today it's the way to go!!

Carolyne said...

Welcome CJ! It seems that we have a lot in common, although you are no doubt both more consistent and talented than I am.
I am also entered in the Sydney Marathon (my second after Canberra this year), and have the Terry Fox on my list.
I look forward to reading your blog journey and hopefully learning from you. Perhaps we can hook up!