Monday, June 27, 2005

20 hill repeats!

"Mia, aka Miss Hissy Fit, doing what she does best - posing!"

This evening at Speedy Geoff's running group we ran 20 hill repeats. I'd like to say that I ran them strongly and that I felt good but I would be lying. Ok, so the first couple of repeats were good and I did feel strong but that was a very fleeting feeling! There came a stage when survival was the name of the game. I think from about the 15th repeat I thought of dropping out but that stubborness I am known for meant that I hung in there until the end, when I felt like throwing up. The other goal was also to run the repeats consistently and for me that meant between 27-30secs per repeat, with a minute to get back down the hill and do it all again. Some tenderness in L hami and calf.

Swam this morning before work - 1km in 21.17min. It was a recovery swim and my stroke was a bit all over the place.

Indulged in a little bit of retail therapy at lunchtime - bought jeans, cami and cardi.

All in all a very productive day!

Next events:

  • Thinking about Sri Chinmoy half marathon - 17 July
  • Also thinking about Bush Capital 25km run - 30 July


Lulu said...

Ouch.. 20 hill repeats sounds like a serious session. It's great that you saw it through though. I would definately have been throwing up.. or quitting! That's the great thing about training with a group though, you do keep going even when it gets tough. I'm much more likely to quit if I'm on my own.

Carolyne said...

OK, Mia is cute, but (my cat) Lucy has the maturity of a lady to win hands down!

Good on you being so stubborn, tenacity is highly under-rated! We must get together for that coffee, run and to meet each other properly!

I'm delighted to hear that you have entered the 25km Bush run, although take note of the soreness in your hamstrings and calf this week to avoid any injury.
An excellent swim time - I'm so jealous!

Luckylegs said...

Yes, I love the pic too, CJ... I'm a dead-set goof for animals & I think Mia is a real winner.

Great session you did with 20 hill reps....can't get my head around 20 of them let alone my legs doing all those ups & downs.

"Downfall" is a great movie & see it for sure; if you felt battered at the end of those hill reps., that's nothing to how wrung out, battered & bruised you feel after that movie!