Monday, June 13, 2005

A sleep last!

Today I could sleep in - its my rest day, as well a public holiday. It was bliss not having to get out of bed until 9.30am. We went into Civic for a look around at the sales but weren't tempted, very unusual. Had a coffee at Italian Bite - delicious, good creamy froth. Saw there was a comment from Strewth to my first posting! :-)

Upcoming events
19 June, Terry Fox fun run, 10km (entered)
26 June, Mt Ainslie run, 9.3km
14 August, City to Surf fun run, 14km (entered)
11 September, Sydney marathon, 42.2km


Carolyne said...

This is looking good - I should add great coffee to my profile of interests. I'm more short black than frothy topped, but always in search of a better cup.

Luckylegs said...

Good to see you here, CJ & I know exactly how you felt this morning not having to get out of a warm bed! Good luck with the goals you've set & I look forward to reading of your progress.

Lulu said...

Welcome to blogland. I think most of us enjoyed a sleep in this morning. I hope your training for the marathon goes well and I look forward to reading all about it and your running in Canberra.