Sunday, June 19, 2005

Duck weather

I woke about 4am and could hear the rain outside. It hadn't changed a great deal when I got up at 7.30am - it was grey, drizzly and cold. And as per usual the day after yoga class, I was feeling stiff all over. Not the way I really want to feel before a 10km race! My husband wussed out of coming down to the race start because of the wet weather, so I headed off by myself just after 9.15am. I was surprised at the turnout and the number actually entering on the day. I went for a longer warm up than I usually do, just to keep warm, and then bumped into a friend with an umbrella - very handy in such inclement weather! I started the race very slowly, partly because I kept getting caught behind groups of walkers and then I caught up with another friend, so just had to have a quick chat before setting off again. For the first 5km I felt really sluggish, lack of races most likely. It wasn't until after the 5km turnaround that I felt I was getting into my stride. I mentally told myself to relax every time I felt myself tense up and I think it worked - I certainly ran better when I didn't tense my neck and shoulders. Passed Flashduck not too far from the finish. She was running really well and is obviously suited to this type of weather! I finished in 46.30min and was 16th woman in so my time was recorded, unfortunately Aki just missed out. I was happy with the run, happy with the time, and very happy with the pancakes afterwards. Then it was home and into a hot shower - I was so cold!

Next run - monthly veteran's handicap at Mt Ainslie, 9.3km, Sunday 26 June.

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speedygeoff said...

well done cj, I saw you slip by in the 4th or 5th km at a very fast pace; you'd better get on the front line next time!