Saturday, June 25, 2005

The long and winding road

Ran my long run this afternoon rather than tomorrow because I have a 9.3km Mt Ainslie race tomorrow morning. Decided to run around Lake Burley Griffin for 2hr 20min. I was a but suss about the weather - it had been threatening to rain most of the day, but it held off for the entire run. The cycle path was quite busy around Commonwealth Park and in front of the National Gallery, etc but once I got past Government House I was usually by myself. I was twice passed by a unicyclist and I marveled at the balance that must be required to stay upright pedalling!

My L hip flexor ws still niggly and near the end of the run my R calf began tightening up. I was also feeling really tired by the 2 hour mark and it took all of my willpower to continue on for another 20mins. The cycle path around the lake just seemed to go and on forever with just enough hills to provide some aggravation. It was a grey and chilly afternoon, not a lot of wind until the very end of the run when I was running into it (naturally), and a beautiful rainbow or two over the lake. Two energy gels and one bottle of sports drink on the run, followed by a fruit bar and water once I'd finished.

Its now two and a half hours since I finished the run and I'm feeling really tired and ready for bed. I'm such a party animal - not!!!!

Went to yoga this morning, as I do on a Saturday morning. I have one more Saturday session to go to then I start Beginners 2 classes later in July, on Tuesday evenings. I was so stiff to start with this morning - everything hurt, my back, my shoulders, my neck, you name it. Flexibility improved however and the class went really quickly. Did some leg variations in the shoulderstand today - I am so impressed with being able to a shoulderstand. I know I will be stiff and achey tomorrow!


Aki said...

Sounds like a nice long run, and good luck for Mt Ainslie!

speedygeoff said...

You're the Mount Ainslie gold medallist! A brilliant run and a big win. So much for being "stiff and achey"!