Friday, June 24, 2005

Yay, its Friday!

Went swimming this morning - busy lane, and for the first 400m it felt like I was swimming though glue - arms wouldn't work, felt uncoordinated, breathing all out of whack. Then something clicked and I managed to swim well for the remaining 600m. 1km - 20.49min, and that's my exercise for
the day.

Breakfast at Cafe Gaudi (raisin toast and a so-so cappuccino). A coffee or two with a friend at lunchtime (Hi JS!) and shopping to look forward to this evening - not! Bring on the weekend! Have increased my consumption of green tea to compensate for all the coffee I have drunk lately!

Thursday 23/06/05

Up early again, to run 4 x 4min efforts with 1 min RI. Had some tightness in my L hip flexor. Also tried relaxing when running hard - not an easy thing to do when my legs feel like jelly and throwing up has a certain attraction, but I do notice the difference in the quality of my running when I can manage it.

Had lunch with some work colleagues at a cafe next to the lake in Tuggeranong - great view from the window over the lake, shame about the weather. Coffee was so-so, bitter and froth was too bubbly. Company, however, was great.

Miserable, cold day - winter has definitely arrived. Dreaming of white beaches, blue water, palm trees, warm weather, icecream. Drove home after work in the pouring rain, windows all fogged up because the heaters were on - it was about 4*C outside. At least I didn't have to go out again. Drank far too much bad coffee throughout the day (again) and basically veged out in front of the TV before going to bed.

Wednesday evening 22/06/05

Went swimming after work. 1km - 20.11min. Focussed on pulling myself through the water - hard work but I do swim faster. The new waterbed was delivered and set up in the afternoon. Our old waterbed was about 24 years old and had developed a leak. Decided to upgrade to a new 95% waveless type. Was a bit worried that it would be too cold to sleep in it that night but it was actually ok. Mia (aka Miss Hissy Fit) had a flipout because the bed she hides behind had disappeared and a big burly stranger (so I was told - I wasn't home to witness this) put another bed in its place (she's a creature of habit, and doesn't like surprises or strangers).

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